Revival of Parking Idiots

Me on my Powerbook G4Yeah. Parking Idiots is back as We get to air our parking grouses somewhere again! I would have preferred an Idiot Drivers blog site, because a good many of my driving grouses are with other drivers’ driving habits, not just about their parking skills. But alas, you’d have to take a picture right? How to take a picture while you’re driving? So okay then, from a practical point of view, I suppose we could just focus on parking idiots first for now. Please help make this site a success! :)


  1. xizor2000 says:

    Not trying to dampen your spirits, but I have spoken to many friends previously on this and he mentioned to me that what is apparent might not be the facts. Granted that what we see on screen makes the car owner looks like an idiot but some times it was another car that forced him into the position previously (e.g. the car that is parking near the line was forced by another car which didn’t park properly earlier but has now left.)

    In other words, it isn’t exactly fair for us to judge the owner. But of course the guy who parked across 3 slots is an idiot, and I applaud u in wacking such incosiderate losers. :)