New Apple MacBooks Carved Out Of A Brick

Yes rumours are circulating about the “Brick”. What is the “Brick” Apple is rumoured to be making a product announcement on October. Is the “Brick” a new MacBook? Or is it a totally new product line? Well, the latest information from the rumour mill says that the “Brick” is not a product, but refers to a revolutionary manufacturing process. New MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks will be carved out of a block of aluminum.

This will be something totally revolutionary. As you might know, most notebook shells (or if fact the shells of most products in general) are usually made up of multiple pieces of plastic or metal parts that are screwed together. While plastic parts can be moulded into the right shape from the start, metal parts are often bent to achieve the desired shape.

9 to 5 Mac reports that he new “Brick” from Apple will involve the use of 3D lasers and water jets to carve out the entire notebook shell from a block of aluminum. This means no seams, no screws, no bending. The final product will be stronger and lighter.

Using 3D laser and water jet cutting will give Apple great flexibility in producing complex notebook shells. It means Apple can also get a lot more creative with their product design, and give themselves a strategic advantage their competitors will take a while to catch up on. Imagine, a revolutionary shell for a notebook that others cannot copy for some time.

We have a little more over a week till 14 October to hear what Apple has to announce.


  1. hyperX says:

    So are we expecting bullet proof macbook? lol. I hope the price not killing my wallet.

  2. says:

    New Apple MacBooks Carved Out Of A Brick…

    Apple is producing a revolutionary chasis for their new macbook. Just how great the chasis it is?…

  3. Neo says:

    That will be revolutionary.

  4. Edward says:

    Wow,James Bond type gadgets next?Haha I can’t wait.

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