Nokia N82 vs N95 8GB

Nokia N82How does the N82 compare with the N95 8GB? Both are fantastic phones. The N95 8GB is basically an improved version of the original N95. The N82, on the other hand, is rather interesting: It takes the functions of the N95 (including some of the improvements in the N95 8GB) and put them into the form factor of the N73 candy bar phone.

Both phones were released recently, the N82 came closely after the N95 8GB. I was actually eyeing the N82, but ended up with the N95 8GB in part because I thought the N82 wouldn’t arrive so soon (I think it still hasn’t hit the stores in Singapore yet).

However, even though the N82 is nice and compact, the main reason that I was attracted to it, it isn’t necessary an outright winner over the N95 8GB.

Remember that the N95 had a number of problems: The chief of which was its short battery life. The N95 8GB corrected this by making some changes to accommodate a higher capacity battery. It has more built-in RAM, great for multi-tasking many applications (which is important, because otherwise what is the point of having a “multimedia computer”). So many of the main complaints with the original N95 had been corrected by the N95 8GB.

Why would you want the N82?

  • It is nice and compact. About the same form factor as the N73 candy bar phone.
  • It is lighter than the N95 8GB. 114g vs 128g.
  • It has all the functions of the N95: 3.5G, WLAN, GPS, 5MP Carl Zeiss camera, and still has the lens cover (the N95 8GB dropped the lens cover).
  • If you need removable memory card, the N82 has it, the N95 8GB dropped it.
  • Integrated Xenon flash. Definitely a bonus if taking pictures in dark conditions.

Why would you want the N95 8GB?

  • It is only 6cc bigger than the N82, really. Does the 6.6% bigger volume really matter? Probably it is the shape, so it depends on individual preference.
  • The keys are bigger and more comfortable to type on. This is an important usability issue for me.
  • Important: Longer battery life. 1200mAh vs 1050 mAh, 280 hrs vs 210 hrs standby, 210 mins vs 190 mins talk time.
  • Bigger screen. 2.8″ vs 2.4″. Same resolution though.

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6 Responses to Nokia N82 vs N95 8GB

  1. After see the pictures taken with the n82 and comparing them to the n95, if your main interest is a phone-camera the n82 is the way to go.

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  3. Hi, I’m interested with this Nokia N82, was it on sell in Singapore already? Do you know the price?

  4. Think it is quite readily available in Singapore now. You can check the telco websites and Saturday Straits Times is usually full of ads. Last I recall, the non-contract price of the N82 is $938.

  5. Used the N82 for 5 mths. However it broke dwn recently. Whole screen just showed mi multicolour lines. Took out the memory card but was still the same. Right nw i lost confidence in N82. Though the cam was wonderful n i love the organiser function. Helps mi keep appointments n schedules. HOwever with this episode i am afraid it will recur. Another dwn part is tt it does not let me save impt sms into my sim card. Which is another drawback.

  6. erm do u guys think tt the small buttons of n82 will spoil easily becos of more sms sending ?

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