In Search of the Best Headphones (Part 2)

2011-11-18 11.06.59

Even before you start looking at sound quality, there are several more things about headphones that you need to know about. In the first instalment of this series of posts, you heard about the different types of headphones available. Continuing from there, this post will look at some technical aspects of headphones. Do technical specifications matter? What are drivers? Do the number…

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AKG K518LE Review

2011-11-18 10.37.56

The first time I put on the AKG K518LE (Limited Edition) DJ headphones, I was immediately struck by the deep fat punchy bass. It was simply awesome. If you’re a bass head, you’re probably going to like these headphones a lot. It’s surprisingly good for a headphone in its price category. Thanks to, IMS Marketing and AKG, I was…

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ieatishootipost Annual General Makan 2011

ieatishootipost's Leslie Tay telling us something about the Boston Lobster

16th December 2011 was the date of ieatishootipost’s AGM (Annual General Makan). It’s their 2nd Crab Fest, and the highlight of this dinner, held at Chin Huat Live Seafood at Sunset Way, was the 5 crabs and 1 lobster dish. The Wife signed us up for the makan fest. This is the first makan outing I’ve been to with ieatishootipost,…

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Mobile Data is All We’ll Need


The recent furore over the $14K phone bill of a SingTel subscriber shows how much our phone usage patterns have changed in the last decade. Originally used for making voice calls, then moving on to SMS text messages, many of us are nowadays predominantly using our phones for mobile data communications. More specifically, we’re using our phones for mobile access…

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In Search of the Best Headphones (Part 1)

2011-12-12 11.30.14

If you spend a lot of time listening to music, or if you care a lot about how your music sounds, you’ll appreciate a good set of headphones. The right headphone can enhance your listening experience not just because they produce better sound, but also because they are comfortable to wear and fits in with your lifestyle. There are so…

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A $14K Phone Bill

A photo that has gone viral on Facebook in the last few days shows how much of a mess you could land yourself in if you don’t manage your data roaming properly when you go overseas. The photo showed a SingTel phone bill with horrendous data roaming charges. According to SingTel, the bill total amounted to $14K. Still a horribly…

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A Case of Failed Communications


Our SMRT trains have been on the headlines for the past week. I decided that I need to weigh in my own two-cents about the whole episode. The problems that have been occurring of late have hit on an unprecedented scale in our public transportation history. The MRT trains which so many people are dependent on for the daily commute…

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McDonald’s Monopoly Game Comes Alive


The McDonald’s Monopoly game came alive at the inaugural public “Chance Card” draw held at the Clarke Quay Central Fountain on Thursday night. It’s the grand finale event where McDonald’s will give away all unclaimed prizes in a draw to “Chance Card” winners. All prizes must go, just as McDonalds has promised, and some 270 prizes were up for grabs…

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What the McDonald’s Monopoly $80K Winner Wants to Do


What would you do if you had $80,000 cash? Buy yourself an expensive gift? Bring your family on a holiday? Your mind will probably be thinking right now how you would indulge yourself with that amount of money. Few people, I’d say, will think about giving away the money to benefit other people. Well, it seems that’s what the top…

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Foam Party Comes to Town

2011-12-05 19.45.50

You don’t have to go over to Sentosa for the famed foam party at Cafe del Mar. There’s one happening right here in the mainland too, right in the heart of town. Well, almost. It’s just outside the main downtown shopping belt. It happens in front of Tanglin Mall, at the junction of Tanglin Road and Grange Road. This is…

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