GSM AT Commands

This page lists some of the GSM AT commands that I have previously archived. Just like dial-up modems of the old BBS’ing days all understand a standard set of AT commands, GSM phones and GSM terminals today also have a more or less standard set of AT commands.

1. Call Control
ATAAnswer Command
ATDDial Command
ATHHang Up Call
ATLMonitor Speaker Loudness
ATMMonitor Speaker Mode
ATOGo On-Line
ATPSet Pulse Dial as Default
ATTSet Tone Dial as Default
AT+CSTASelect Type of Address
AT+CRCCellular Result Codes
2. Data Card Control Commands
ATSSelect an S-register
ATZRecall Stored Profile
AT&FRestore Factory Settings
AT&VView Active Configuration
AT&WStore Parameters in Given Profile
AT&YSelect Set as s Powerup Option
AT+CLCKFacility Lock Command
AT+COLPConnected Line Identification Presentation
AT+GCAPRequest Complete Capabilities List
AT+GMIRequest Manufacturer Identification
AT+GMMRequest Model Identification
AT+GMRRequest Revision Identification
AT+GSNRequest Product Serial Number Identification
3. Phone Control Commands
AT+CBCBattery Charge
AT+CGMIRequest Manufacturer Identification
AT+CGMMRequest Model Identification
AT+CGMRRequest Revision Identification
AT+CGSNRequest Product Serial Number Identification
AT+CMEEReport Mobile Equipment Error
AT+CPASPhone Activity Status
AT+CPBFFind Phone Book Entries
AT+CPBRRead Phone Book Entry
AT+CPBSSelect Phone Book Memory Storage
AT+CPBWWrite Phone Book Entry
AT+CSCSSelect TE Character Set
AT+CSQSignal Quality
4. Computer Data Card Interface Commands
ATECommand Echo
ATQResult Code Suppression
ATVDefine Response Format
ATXResponse Range Selection
AT&CDefine DCD Usage
AT&DDefine DTR Usage
AT&KSelect Flow Control
AT&QDefine Communications Mode Option
AT&SDefine DSR Option
AT+ICFDTE-DCE Character Framing
AT+IFCDTE-DCE Local Flow Control
AT+IPRFixed DTE Rate
5. Reporting Options Commands
AT+CLIPCalling Line Identification Presentation
AT+CRService Reporting Control
AT+DRData Compression Reporting
AT+ILRRDTE-DCE Local Rate Reporting
6. Network Communication Parameter Commands
AT+CREG?Network registration status. Also AT+CREG=?.
AT+COPS?List of available operators. Also AT+COPS=?.
ATBCommunications Standard Option
AT+CBSTSelect Bearer Service Type
AT+CEERExtended Error Report
AT+CRLPRadio Link Protocol
AT+DSData Compression
7. Miscellaneous Commands
A/Re-Execute Command Line
AT?Command Help
AT*CStart SMS Interpreter
AT*TEnter SMS Block Mode Protocol
AT*VActivate V.25bis Mode
AT+CESPEnter SMS Block Mode Protocol
8. SMS Commands SMS Text Mode
AT+CSMSSelect Message Service
AT+CPMSPreferred Message Storage
AT+CMGFMessage Format
AT+CSCAService Centre Address
AT+CSMPSet Text Mode Parameters
AT+CSDHShow Text Mode Parameters
AT+CSCBSelect Cell Broadcast Message Types
AT+CSASSave Settings
AT+CRESRestore Settings
AT+CNMINew Message Indications to TE
AT+CMGLList Messages
AT+CMGRRead Message
AT+CMGSSend Message
AT+CMSSSend Message from Storage
AT+CMGWWrite Message to Memory
AT+CMGDDelete Message

If you have any updates to share, do let me know :)

Last modified: November 20, 2009