Upgraded To Nougat

Nougats on Nexus 6P

I love nougat. Especially the crunchy kind. It’s one of those things one has to bring back from a holiday trip to Australia. So although it sounds silly that there should be any connection, I did look forward to enjoying Android 7.0 Nougat. Well, if you have the LG V20, or a supported Nexus device, Google’s latest mobile operating system is here….

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AD Toyota Sienta In Singapore

Toyota Sienta

The real, legit, Toyota Sientas have already been in Singapore for many years. But for some people, it’s only when the authorised dealer (AD) brings it in that makes the car officially available here. Well, it’s official. It was announced last week, and it’s now out on Borneo Motors’ website. The Toyota Sienta from Borneo Motors, however, isn’t the same as…

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Apple macOS Sierra Is Here

macOS Sierra on Retina MacBook pro

Apple’s latest OS version for the Mac was released yesterday. Instead of OS X, it’s now called macOS Sierra, coming closer to the naming format used for Apple’s other devices like iOS and watchOS. It’s also another step closer to unify all Apple products. In macOS Sierra, for example, iOS’ Siri finally makes its debut in the Mac. macOS Sierra supports Macs…

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Striving Always To Improve

Kent Ridge MRT

The recent signalling problems on the Circle line is the sort of situation that is familiar to me, in various areas of my work, including programming, network, server systems, and other bits of IT infrastructure. The Circle Line was plagued by a mysterious signalling problem that lasted a few days. As mysterious as it had started, it later disappeared. Do we…

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D-Link DIR-895L Review

D-Link DIR-895L

At one time, external antennas disappeared from broadband routers because they look better without them. External antennas, however, are back in style. These days, the more the merrier, more than they ever had in the past. D-Link now joins the spider-gang with their all new DIR-895L, a tri-band router with eight antenna that pushes out some 5300Mbps of Wi-Fi bandwidth. The…

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Sienta To Arrive At Borneo Motors

Toyota Sienta

I’ve been looking at cars of late, and one of those that I’ve been considering is the Toyota Sienta compact MPV. The Sienta has been in Singapore for some time, available only through parallel importers. This includes to recent 2015 refresh model, which looks a lot more modern than the prior Sienta designs. It’s been speculated for some time that…

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Remembering Fort Canning Hill

Fort Canning

I tell my kids, I used to have my P.E. lessons, while I was in primary school, in a cemetery. That’s my memory of Fort Canning Hill. Those of you who had ever attended outdoor events like WOMAD, yes, that’s where the cemetery used to be. Actually, parts of the cemetery is still there. We had a family staycation at…

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SMRT Dismisses Two Peons

SMRT MRT Train at Clementi

For the two men who died on the tracks in March this year, SMRT has fired a train driver. Another staff from the operations control centre had left earlier on account of this accident. Sure, some people broke the rules, a bad thing happened, and for that SMRT blames two peons. But the whole incident reads like a systemic problem in…

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Cafe Hopping at CafeHopping


I frequent Bukit Timah Plaza quite often, so it came as quite a surprise that there’s this shop, which has been around for some five months, that I haven’t discovered until now. CafeHopping In A Box is sort of a cafe located in a very unpretentious shop unit tucked away in a quiet area of the mall. The basic idea behind CafeHopping…

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After The Stream


I’ve been looking at cars lately. My existing Honda Stream is coming to eight years old, and it seems like time to consider a replacement. Keyword here being replacement, not necessarily an upgrade. The Honda Stream has been discontinued, but if it hadn’t, I think it could have been a worthy consideration. It was a great car for our needs. Honda’s…

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