Ranting on Domino’s Delivery

2010-05-16 19.34.45

Sometimes it seems a little odd that despite unsatisfactory experiences, we may still want to patronise a shop, or online merchant. It’s bad, but perhaps because it is consistently bad, you know exactly what to expect, and after all things considered, you decide to still go with it. Case in point. Domino’s Pizza. It’s almost every time I order from…

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IR Blaster On A Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi with IR Blaster

It’s been a long time since I worked on “computer stuff” at so low level. This time, it’s about figuring out the Infrared (IR) remote control protocol used by my aircon, and then building an IR blaster with a Raspberry Pi that can control multiple devices from a single unit. Unlike most IR remotes, aircon ones are a bit more complex….

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That NDP Logo

NDP 2016 Logo

Forgive me for saying some unpatriotic things. But there’s this logo that has bothered me for some time. It’s about the National Day Parade (NDP) 2016 logo. I thought it looked rather inauspicious. Don’t you think it depicts a broken heart? The strokes of the number “51”, appears to have ripped the heart into three parts. Without reading up on the official…

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Hard Disk Failure Or SGX Failure

WD My Cloud EX4100

Now that we have the scoop on the root cause of the SGX outage last Thursday, one wonders why a simple matter of a hard disk failure could spiral into such a disruption. More interesting, yet, is why a simple hard disk failure could not be explained until, let’s see, five days later? I suppose we should credit SGX for…

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Z-Wave Light Switches

Evida/U-Fairy Z-Wave 3-gang light switch

One of the most common things you’ll want to or expect to do with a home automation system is to control your lights. While there are many types of light switches available, choosing the right one seems to be constrained by existing physical wiring, unless you don’t mind rewiring your home. I chose to go with a least-intrusive solution using these China-made…

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Free SSL Server Certificates With ECC

LZS Back on Retina MacBook Pro

I’ve been using free SSL server certificates from StartSSL.com for many years. These are legit, free, certificates that last for a full year, not those 1-week trial sort of free certificates. This is, of course, before the time of Lets Encrypt, so StartSSL.com’s deal was quite cool. StartSSL.com does have some unusual workflow, and a website UI that wasn’t too…

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Fibaro Smoke Sensor Review

Fibaro Smoke Sensor

It’s not common in Singapore for homeowners to install any sort of fire protection devices. It is important, though, and it has been something in the back of my mind. With my recent setting up of home automation system at home, it was timely to include at least one smoke detection device. I decided to try out the Fibaro Smoke Sensor. Fibaro…

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Train Cracks Cause Embarrassment, Not Panic

SMRT Train

There are many times I wonder if a prerequisite to being a politician is having a screw loose in one’s head. I’m sure we can identify numerous instances when the messages coming from them just seem completely illogical, and we stop in our tracks (pun intended) to wonder what did we just hear. According to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, going public…

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ASUS G752 Gaming Notebook Review


These days, gamers don’t lug desktop gaming rigs around anymore. There are plenty of serious gaming notebooks to choose from. The ASUS G752 is a recent update to their Republic of Gamers (ROG) line of enthusiast gamer hardware. It’s a beefy machine, and a hefty one. So while not lugging desktops, some gamers may instead be lugging hefty notebooks. That’s in fact my…

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Bank Robbery at Holland Village

Screenshot, ST article

No, it’s not a robbery in the Netherlands. It’s a robbery in our Holland Village. Perhaps with all the recent focus on fighting terrorism, someone has forgotten that banks need security guards too. Apparently there were no security guards at the branch of Standard Chartered Bank at Holland Village. The only instrument used in the robbery was a piece of paper. From hijacking…

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