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Blog Information

Welcome. This is my personal website and blog. I write on many different topics, but if I had to pick one or two specific subject areas, I will go with Technology and Lifestyle. Still, there are many times that I rant about other things. This is my personal blog after all, and I get to write anything I want.

I published my first blog post on 3rd April 2007, so that’ll be when I consider this blog site to be created. But I’ve been publishing on the Internet far prior to that. This blog is an evolution of my “personal homepage”, which I had setup 10 years prior to that in 1997.

I created a Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/zitseng.com) for this site on 4th March 2012. There’s some integration with Facebook. All posts on my blog are automatically cross-posted to the Facebook page. Please help “like” the Facebook page!

Site Description

I’m occasionally asked to provide a short description of my blog, and I hate having to re-think what to say about my blog. So, I’ve put a couple of short descriptions here.

Here’s a one-liner:

“A Singaporean’s blog on technology, lifestyle, and the occasional rant on all things Singapore.”

Here’s a slightly longer version:

“This is a Singaporean’s blog on technology, gadgets, lifestyle, family, and occasional rants on all things Singapore.”

This is a short paragraph:

“ZitSeng.com is a Singaporean’s blog on technology, gadgets, lifestyle, family, and occasional rants on all things Singapore. Blog owner, Zit Seng, works as an IT Architect at his day job, and sometimes posts on topics related to his diverse professional work. Zit Seng also writes product reviews, tutorials, and guides. This blog is a treasure trove of useful information harvested from his personal experiences.”

A Bit of History

So as I mentioned up above, I created my personal homepage in 1997, and then subsequently setup a blog in 2007. When is a personal homepage a personal homepage, and a blog a blog? My personal homepage also made up of articles, and I also ran scripts in the backend to automate things for me so that I can focus on content. It’s precisely because at some point my personal homepage began to look like a blog that I started to consider moving to a real blogging platform.

I decided to go with the WordPress software in 2007, and am still using it today. Yes, it’s a pretty great piece of blogging software.

Facebook has become a significant social platform, and in 2011 I begun to explore some form of Facebook-blog integration. I actually did, for a couple of weeks, install and activate an integration plugin. I was not satisfied with how it worked and pulled the plug.

The next year, I realised that the Facebook platform was too important to ignore. I created a Facebook page on 4 March 2012. I re-looked at the various plugin options, and eventually decided to go with one of them after making some code changes.

My blog’s Facebook page is at: https://www.facebook.com/zitseng.com (the real URL is actually https://www.facebook.com/zitsengcom)