The Power Behind Your Internet


Since I got involved in building data centres over a decade ago, I’ve been a quite fascinated by all the big electricity things. I’m not an electrician, nor am I electrically trained, so there were a lot of things for me to learn about what makes a data centre tick behind the scenes. Electricity, interestingly, is about the simplest part of the data…

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Congratulating Joseph Schooling


I’m sure it goes without saying that all Singaporeans are really proud of Joseph Schooling’s achievement, wining a Olympic gold medal for Singapore last Saturday. I got my kids sitting in front of the TV to watch the men’s 100m butterfly, and they were really excited. When the race was done, there were cheers of jubilation across the neighbourhood. Yes, so we…

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The New Fonts

Website on Nexus 6P and RMBP

Fonts, and more generally, typography, are important components of a website that impact user experience. I’ve always given considered thought in selecting the fonts to use in my blog website. Over two years ago, I chose Metronic Slab Pro and Mariné Light. This week, I’ve decided to freshen things up a little bit with a new pair of fonts. In the…

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Singapore’s 51st National Day


Singapore celebrates its 51st National Day today. The National Day Parade this year returns to the National Stadium, ten years after the last time it was held at this venue. I was recently listening to some trivia, and thought the history around the National Day Parade venues and the use of the National Stadium is quite interesting. As you might…

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More Common Sense Needed

Singapore Skyline

First, it was teachers, then, it was nurses. The latest has our government saying we need more engineers. Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan had urged the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to beef up its engineering team, in the light of all the frequent and major MRT breakdowns. Yes, we need more engineers. I think we need more common sense too….

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A Crisis for One NUS


More than anything, the events in the last week or so will be an important lesson, albeit a painful one for students, and perhaps administrators too. This saga has seen many people taking different sides on the many issues at hand. It’s one thing to have NUS vs the media, or NUS vs the public. But the taking of sides also…

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NUS Cancels Freshmen Orientation Week

NUS Student Service Centre

I am quite surprised by NUS’ bold and quite unprecedented move. They have cancelled the freshmen orientation week that was supposed to commence next week. That’s right. The annual freshmen orientation week, the activities that are designed to welcome freshmen to the start of their university education, won’t quite be happening this year. Alright, it’s not like the entire freshmen…

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That NDP Logo

NDP 2016 Logo

Forgive me for saying some unpatriotic things. But there’s this logo that has bothered me for some time. It’s about the National Day Parade (NDP) 2016 logo. I thought it looked rather inauspicious. Don’t you think it depicts a broken heart? The strokes of the number “51”, appears to have ripped the heart into three parts. Without reading up on the official…

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Hard Disk Failure Or SGX Failure

WD My Cloud EX4100

Now that we have the scoop on the root cause of the SGX outage last Thursday, one wonders why a simple matter of a hard disk failure could spiral into such a disruption. More interesting, yet, is why a simple hard disk failure could not be explained until, let’s see, five days later? I suppose we should credit SGX for…

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Train Cracks Cause Embarrassment, Not Panic

SMRT Train

There are many times I wonder if a prerequisite to being a politician is having a screw loose in one’s head. I’m sure we can identify numerous instances when the messages coming from them just seem completely illogical, and we stop in our tracks (pun intended) to wonder what did we just hear. According to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, going public…

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