That NDP Logo

NDP 2016 Logo

Forgive me for saying some unpatriotic things. But there’s this logo that has bothered me for some time. It’s about the National Day Parade (NDP) 2016 logo. I thought it looked rather inauspicious. Don’t you think it depicts a broken heart? The strokes of the number “51”, appears to have ripped the heart into three parts. Without reading up on the official…

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Hard Disk Failure Or SGX Failure

WD My Cloud EX4100

Now that we have the scoop on the root cause of the SGX outage last Thursday, one wonders why a simple matter of a hard disk failure could spiral into such a disruption. More interesting, yet, is why a simple hard disk failure could not be explained until, let’s see, five days later? I suppose we should credit SGX for…

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Train Cracks Cause Embarrassment, Not Panic

SMRT Train

There are many times I wonder if a prerequisite to being a politician is having a screw loose in one’s head. I’m sure we can identify numerous instances when the messages coming from them just seem completely illogical, and we stop in our tracks (pun intended) to wonder what did we just hear. According to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan, going public…

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Bank Robbery at Holland Village

Screenshot, ST article

No, it’s not a robbery in the Netherlands. It’s a robbery in our Holland Village. Perhaps with all the recent focus on fighting terrorism, someone has forgotten that banks need security guards too. Apparently there were no security guards at the branch of Standard Chartered Bank at Holland Village. The only instrument used in the robbery was a piece of paper. From hijacking…

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Tower Transit Bus Services Are Rolling Out

Tower Transit bus service 173

Bus operator Tower Transit has begun operations late last month. They are the first company to be awarded a tendered bus package under the Land Transport Authority’s (LTA) new bus contracting model. In a sweeping restructuring of the public bus industry, the authority will own buses and infrastructure, while tendering out operations and service management to bus operators. Tower Transit…

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A Government Without Internet


This has been hot news of late, that of the Singapore Government cutting off Internet access for the 100,000 or so desktop computers of its public servants. Since then, we’ve heard all sort of remarks about how our government is retreating into the dark ages before the Internet. While wanting to build a smart nation, our government seems not so smart…

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Singapore Government Bans Internet

Alcatel access network switches

It sounds unreal, but it is real. Fortunately, it isn’t for the general populace. The Singapore government will ban the Internet from computers officially used by public servants from May next year. This will affect some 100,000 computers used in the public service. It’s part of the government’s move to tighten security, and it will take a lot of getting used…

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Map Error Triggers Territorial Row

Singapore Skyline

If you hadn’t heard about it, Singapore and Indonesia was just embroiled in, apparently, and even though perhaps just quite briefly, a territorial spat. It’s serious, alright, because Indonesia had scrambled to dispatch navy and army personnel to the disputed islets to assert their sovereignty. The row started because a website had a map with some wrong colours. Fortunately no war started….

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LTA Needs To Up Their Online Smartness

Pothole on Bukit Timah Road

Often times, I feel all our e-government, smart nation, and whatever other initiatives to take us to the next level of a futuristic city, is all just superficial. I’ve complained previously about how some government online services have “working hours”. (How absurd right?) I could give other examples, but today, my gripe is with the Land Transport Authority (LTA). I…

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New Yokohama 205/65R15 Tyres


The tyre on my car was getting quite bald, so it was time to change them. It was a little overdue too. I went to the same tyre shop that I had gone to the last time, and changed a set of 4 Yokohama 205/65R15 94H tyres. The price seems reasonable, at S$120 each. I had in the past patronised Autobacs, but…

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