ErgoSilver Laptop Stand Review


I’ve used a few notebook stands in the past, and I think this ErgoSilver stand from is the best I’ve come across. Instead of foldable and multifunction contraptions like most stands try to be, the ErgoSilver is a fixed, single-purpose, stand that holds only the notebook, and holds it in only one way. One of the hallmarks of Apple’s product design…

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Remembering Fort Canning Hill

Fort Canning

I tell my kids, I used to have my P.E. lessons, while I was in primary school, in a cemetery. That’s my memory of Fort Canning Hill. Those of you who had ever attended outdoor events like WOMAD, yes, that’s where the cemetery used to be. Actually, parts of the cemetery is still there. We had a family staycation at…

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Cafe Hopping at CafeHopping


I frequent Bukit Timah Plaza quite often, so it came as quite a surprise that there’s this shop, which has been around for some five months, that I haven’t discovered until now. CafeHopping In A Box is sort of a cafe located in a very unpretentious shop unit tucked away in a quiet area of the mall. The basic idea behind CafeHopping…

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Jaybird Freedom Review

Jaybird Freedom

Bluetooth headphones on joggers and gym goers are a common sight these days. It’s a great companion for working out. Jaybird is a familiar brand in this space, and their latest Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth headphones, or buds as they call it, aims to strike the right balance with great sound, comfort, and style. The Jaybird Freedom was first showcased at CES in…

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Zika Lands in Singapore


As you might have heard over the weekend, locally transmitted Zika cases have descended in Singapore. From 1 on Sunday, 41 on Monday, and now a total of 56 on Tuesday, you might perhaps still not be terribly worried if you aren’t pregnant, or know anyone who is or might be pregnant. But perhaps we should be more concerned. Earlier this…

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McDonald’s Upgraded Menu


If you’ve been to McDonald’s recently, you might have noticed their menu has changed somewhat. The contents in the menu hasn’t actually changed that much. They’ve added a couple of new items. What seems to be a bigger change is the way the menu has been presented. It’s now designed to get you to buy pricier items. The new menu…

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Stylish Watch Bands For Your Smartwatches watch bands

After getting a smartwatch, perhaps you might be looking to accessorise it. Swapping out its watch band with an aftermarket one seems like the easiest thing to do. You just need to find a stylish band to go with your smart gear. This is what this new Indiegogo campaign wants to do, offering a range of pretty band designs for Pebble, Android…

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Ranting on Domino’s Delivery

2010-05-16 19.34.45

Sometimes it seems a little odd that despite unsatisfactory experiences, we may still want to patronise a shop, or online merchant. It’s bad, but perhaps because it is consistently bad, you know exactly what to expect, and after all things considered, you decide to still go with it. Case in point. Domino’s Pizza. It’s almost every time I order from…

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Hydroflux Water Filtration System

Hydroflux water filtration system

Even though Singapore’s water supply is potable, many of us still find ourselves filtering or boiling our water before drinking. Water leaving the treatment plants may be clean, but we worry about old pipes delivering the water to us, as well as the state of storage tanks. Since we had some renovation at home, we also installed a filtration system. We’ve got Hydroflux’s under-sink filtration…

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B&O BeoPlay A1 Review

BeoPlay A1

Danish consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen has a new, compact, good-looking Bluetooth speaker, the BeoPlay A1. The new speaker, launched under Bang & Olufsen’s consumer-oriented brand, B&O Play, is the smallest in their Bluetooth speaker line-up. Sporting a clean industrial design and all-day battery life, the BeoPlay A1 presents an attractive option for fans of Bang & Olufsen’s signature sound quality. The…

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