Ranting on Domino’s Delivery

2010-05-16 19.34.45

Sometimes it seems a little odd that despite unsatisfactory experiences, we may still want to patronise a shop, or online merchant. It’s bad, but perhaps because it is consistently bad, you know exactly what to expect, and after all things considered, you decide to still go with it. Case in point. Domino’s Pizza. It’s almost every time I order from…

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Hydroflux Water Filtration System

Hydroflux water filtration system

Even though Singapore’s water supply is potable, many of us still find ourselves filtering or boiling our water before drinking. Water leaving the treatment plants may be clean, but we worry about old pipes delivering the water to us, as well as the state of storage tanks. Since we had some renovation at home, we also installed a filtration system. We’ve got Hydroflux’s under-sink filtration…

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B&O BeoPlay A1 Review

BeoPlay A1

Danish consumer electronics company Bang & Olufsen has a new, compact, good-looking Bluetooth speaker, the BeoPlay A1. The new speaker, launched under Bang & Olufsen’s consumer-oriented brand, B&O Play, is the smallest in their Bluetooth speaker line-up. Sporting a clean industrial design and all-day battery life, the BeoPlay A1 presents an attractive option for fans of Bang & Olufsen’s signature sound quality. The…

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Home Improvement Projects

Home, kitchen

After staying in our current home for over a decade, the time has come for us to do some home improvement works. What started as a not-so-major project limited to the kitchen soon grew to something a little more major. While we’re at it, I started to think about home automation. Our government has been pushing for smart homes, smart nation,…

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First Look At B&O Play A1

B&O Play A1

B&O Play, the standalone unit within Bang and Olufsen started in 2012 to reach out to a new generation of consumers, has a cool new Bluetooth speaker, the A1. This is a smallish, portable, good-looking Bluetooth speaker that puts out awesome quality music in all directions, and is powered by batteries that last all day. The A1 is B&O Play’s smallest Bluetooth…

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Mi Air Purifier 2 Review

Mi Air Purifier 2

In case you didn’t know, Xiaomi sells more than just smartphones and related gear. Their product line includes home appliances, such as rice cookers. They also already have two generations of air purifiers. I recently bought the newer Mi Air Purifier 2, considering how it might be useful in our annual haze season, and thought I’d share a quick review on…

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Pringles Party Speakers

Pringles Party Speakers

You’re probably thinking about Bluetooth speakers, but these are not. Pringles Party Speakers are old-school battery-powered wired speakers that play audio from a 3.5 mm audio connection. Nothing fancy, but they do look pretty, and you can get them free with purchase of three 150 gm Pringles cans, so why not get yours? The Pringles Party Speakers are powered by 3x…

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Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro Review

Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro

Xiaomi never ceases to impress me with their really good, value for money, products. It started with their Android smartphones. Then came battery power banks, fitness trackers, and other gadgetries. Today, I’m writing about their Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro, which comes across highly recommended by many others. It costs only S$27.99, so it couldn’t hurt to try. Getting hold of…

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Dinosaur Museum

LKCNHM Dinosaur

It’s not just about dinosaurs, but I think most people go there specifically for the dinosaur exhibits. I’m referring to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum (LKCNHM) located in the National University of Singapore. If you’ve got kids crazy about dinosaurs, this should make for an interesting excursion for them. There are, of course, so many other things are LKCNHM….

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Earin Wireless Earbuds Review


What can be more wireless than a Bluetooth headphone? One that truly has no wires at all. In fact, there’s nothing to connect the left and right sides of Earin’s wireless earbuds! There’s only just that two pieces of awesomeness that goes into your ears. It seems like a really cool earbuds. Are they any good? The Earin wireless earbuds came…

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