New Telco Circles.Life Is Launched


If you’ve been waiting for the fourth telco to come around, wait no longer. There is a new telco now, Circles.Life, and they’ve just gone live yesterday. Circles.Life labels themselves a digital telco, with a focus on data-savvy customers and bringing a new era of customer experience. They’ve unveiled their price plans, and I’m excited to share what Circles.Life has to…

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Circles.Life New Telco In Town


We asked for more competition. The incumbents don’t like it. But we, the consumers, find our three main telcos here just aren’t working hard enough to bring better value, more competitive prices, to us. We want a 4th telco. We have been waiting. But we have a new player, right now, Circles.Life. Now, Circles.Life isn’t quite that 4th telco that’s been making…

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QuickTime, It’s Time To Let It Go

QuickTime for Windows Unsupported

If you’ve used a PC long enough, you must have heard of QuickTime. Once upon a time, you needed QuickTime to play video on your computer. Everyone installed QuickTime on their computers. Fast forward to 2016. You don’t really need QuickTime anymore. If you use a Windows PC, it’s best that you uninstall it, if you still do have it around. It’s…

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New Android Security Bulletin Takes Off

Nexus 6P

Since October 2015, Google has released month security patches for Nexus devices. These are accompanied by an announcement in the form of the Nexus Security Bulletin, which details security vulnerabilities affecting Android devices. Beginning with the May 2016 bulletin, Google now calls this the Android Security Bulletin, better reflecting the broader scope of the bulletin. The May 2016 edition of the Android…

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Ipmitool Chassis Power Off

Power cords for Lenovo System x Servers

There was recently this cute comic that was makings its rounds on my newsfeed, about how you should use SIGTERM instead of SIGKILL. It seems to come from Daniel Stori on DZone, posted on 1st April this year. Well, I’ve got something even more murderous than SIGKILL. I’ll use an IPMI command, and you’ll do it like so: $ ipmitool chassis…

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Making Of A Techie’s WordPress Site

Lenovo System x Servers

I’ve been running my WordPress blog for about 9 years. During this time, there have been many changes, both front-facing ones as well as the underlying technical bits. As a techie, I like to build and tweak those underlying layers. This post is a sort of a status update of how this blog site is currently setup. There’s been a lot of changes…

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Facebook Taking Over Publishers’ Content

Facebook Instant Articles

Earlier this month, Facebook made their new Instant Articles feature available to all publishers. In a nutshell, when a content publisher puts an article on Instant Articles, users browsing Facebook using its mobile app can see that article from inside the Facebook app itself, without being sent to an external browser app. If you are browsing this article on the mobile…

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TP-Link Neffos C5 Review

TP-Link Neffos C5

TP-Link, the company you’re probably already familiar with for the networking gear they make, earlier this year announced their new venture into the Android smartphone market under a new brand, Neffos. They have three launch products, the Neffos C5L, C5 and C5 Max, and the former two will be available for sale in Singapore at the end of this month. I have…

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UAG Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Urban Armor Gear for Galaxy S7 Edge

If you’ve gotten yourself the latest flagship from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, perhaps you might also be looking to get some protection for this pricey gadget. There’re plenty of options out there. Urban Armor Gear is probably one of those you’re considering, or at least it should be, unless svelteness is more important to you than ruggedness. Urban Armor…

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GP FP05M 5000 mAh Power Bank

GP Power Bank

You’ve probably heard about GP rechargeable batteries. Did you know they make power banks too? The battery experts for over 50 years, GP Batteries had last month launched their F-Series FP05M 5000 mAh PowerBank, as well as other new additions to their PowerBank and Smart On-The-Go product lineup. Here’s a quick review of the FP05M PowerBank. Key highlights across the new F-series PowerBanks…

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