The Mess Of USB-C


USB-C, or USB Type-C, was supposed to be that connector which would make our lives easier. It has a reversible connector, and when both ends are USB-C, you could swap ends too. It all sounds really nice. Except that, in reality, USB-C has made life really, really, complicated, and it could be some time before things get easier. This isn’t…

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OPPO R9s First Look


OPPO has a new camera-centric flagship, the R9s, and it’s looking really good. It’s practically the same as its predecessor, the R9, in looks, but manages to make some improvements under the hood. Pre-order for the OPPO R9s has started in Singapore, but actual availability will commence from 10th December. I’ve the OPPO R9s on hand for some first impressions. These days,…

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ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360UA Review

ASUS ZenBook Flip UX360UA

If you’re looking for 2-in-1 tablet cum notebook devices, ASUS offers many choices. Sometimes, too many, and the similar names don’t help. Here’s the ZenBook Flip UX360UA, which is in many ways similar to the UX360CA I reviewed recently, but has an upgraded Intel Core i7 processor. ASUS has also made some small, but notable, design tweaks. The ZenBook Flip…

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Kindle Paperwhite E-Book Reader Review

Kindle Paperwhite

It’s 2016, and even though Amazon doesn’t sell Kindles in Singapore, their e-book readers are already popular here. If you’ve been thinking about changing how you read book and jump onto the e-book reading bandwagon, the 2015 Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent choice to start on. Although launched in 2015, it’s still an Amazon current bestseller. Amazon currently sells four different…

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Starbucks, MyRepublic Don’t Care About Wi-Fi Security

Blogging at Starbucks on Retina MacBook Pro

Many of us love free public Wi-Fi, and many merchants are eager to provide free Wi-Fi as one of their value-add services. But we know public Wi-Fi can be dangerous. The freely accessible unencrypted network is easy for the bad guys to watch our Internet activities. It doesn’t help that some merchants cannot be bothered about security either. I single out…

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Google Screwed Up Secp384r1 ECC Certificates

Nexus 6P software update

I’ve been puzzling over this one for a while. I think, ever since I upgraded to Nougat, I have had some trouble accessing some of my websites. While my Nexus 6P’s browser could access my blog, the app could not. When adding a self-hosted blog to the app, it would complain that my SSL certificate was invalid. The…

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Google Pixel XL Review

Google Pixel XL

Google’s Nexus line of smartphones have a loyal following of fans. These are users who love the pure Android experience. After partnering with hardware manufacturers to build Nexus devices for years, Google has ended the program. But fans have reason to rejoice. This year, Google has stepped up to unveil their own smartphones, the Pixel and Pixel XL. When Google announced the Pixel smartphones…

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Apple An Accessories Company

Apple Accessories

When Apple launched the 12-inch MacBook last year with just a single USB-C (USB Type-C) port, they had to sell a bunch of accessories to work with that new port. This year’s “pro” notebook made these USB-C accessories even more important. It’s not something unfamiliar to Apple. The Lightning connector introduced in 2012 also created a need for new accessories. As…

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TP-Link Archer C5400 Review

TP-Link Archer C5400

It was a little eerie to see Wi-Fi routers taking on spider-like shapes initially, but the era of eight-antennas is now coming of age.  To satisfy consumers’ demand for ever increasing Wi-Fi speeds, TP-Link has brought their new Archer C5400 to the party. This is a 802.11ac AC5400 tri-band MU-MIMO gigabit router. In short, it has all the works. The TP-Link…

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Late-2016 MacBook Pro Review

Late-2016 MacBook Pro

After waiting four long years, Apple has finally unveiled a brand new MacBook Pro design. The last time any spec was refreshed at all was in early 2015, which is longer than what you might even expect from other manufacturers. There are high expectations of this new MacBook Pro, and we’re keen to see what it has brought to the table. New things…

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