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Advertising and Sponsorship

This blog, ZitSeng.com, is a personal blog. It is important that everything published on this blog is entirely owned by me. All posts reflect my personal views and experiences.

Any sponsorship is a cool bonus. However, I will not allow posts on this blog to be influenced by any sponsorship or commercial collaborations. I will consider each opportunity on a case by case basis. Please read on if you are interested, then write to me using my site contact form (or email me directly if you already have my email address).


I don’t do advertising on my blog, and I generally prefer to keep it that way. However, if you feel you have something extraordinary to discuss, get in touch with me.

Sponsored Reviews

I am open to consider sponsored reviews. Sponsored reviews mean that products and services are provided to me for the purpose of trying and experiencing them, then subsequently to write my review about them.

Products may be offered on a loan basis. Any shipping required should be at my convenience and must be without any cost to me. I am happy to accept products as gifts to be retained, or to be used as lucky draws or other purposes at my discretion. Services may be offered for a reasonable period to complete the review.

I do not publish guest posts, and I do not accept content provided to me for use in my reviews. All reviews I write will always be true and honest. They will be based on my personal experience.

I will make a disclosure about sponsorship arrangements where appropriate and applicable.


I do not publish sponsored links. I will include relevant links in a post that is already something I’m working on, but I won’t write a post for the purpose of including a link.

If you have any outstanding collaboration or sponsorship proposal you feel I should definitely consider, please hit me up.