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Advertising and Sponsorship

I welcome advertising and sponsored review opportunities on this website. I will consider each opportunity on a case by case basis. Please read on if you are interested, then write to me using my site contact form (or email me directly if you already have my email address).


I’ll be happy to discuss advertising and site sponsorship opportunities. Just get in touch.

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews are reviews that I’ve been engaged or contracted to write in return for some sort of sponsorship. Such sponsorships could include direct remuneration, vouchers, prizes, or other sort of benefits in kind.

All reviews I write will always be true and honest. Readers can easily check other sources to find out if a review is biased. There is no point in misinforming readers. This site depends on a loyal following of readers, so I will not jeopardise this relationship.

I declare in the review that it is sponsored if it is so.