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photo-15Hello there. I’m Zit Seng, and this is personal website. This is my space on the Internet to rant about my life, my interests, my work and anything else under the sun that I fancy.

This website is now largely managed as a WordPress blog. I previously had a hand-coded website (archived here) that was getting pretty outdated. The switchover to WordPress happened in early 2007. Much of the old content has yet to be copied/migrated into WordPress, so do check out the archive.

Many of the photo snippets appearing in the Asides widget in the side bar (and in the Asides category) are actually taken and posted directly from my N73 phone. It’s quite a cool phone.

Why am I Blogging?

Well, I’ve found that it is an excellent way to keep my homepage alive and updated. It’s also an opportunity for me to practise my writing skills.

I was quite shocked to realize that my writing skills had been deteriorating after graduating from university. It must be the lack of continual practice. You don’t forget how to ride a bicycle or swim. But after years of mainly writing Singlish emails, Perl scripts, C programs and HTML web pages… I actually realized that writing normal English articles has become more difficult for me. It’s quite a stark contrast from back in the FidoNet BBS era when I was publishing and editing the Singapore BBS Weekly electronic news (on a weekly basis, obviously) without feeling very lost for words.

Who am I?

I’m a Singaporean Chinese living in, where else, Singapore. I’m married to a lovely wife and we have an adorable baby daughter and son born to us in April 2007 and June 2009 respectively. We also have two cute miniature schnauzers.

My family name is Lai. As a Chinese, my full name is written last name first: Lai Zit Seng.

Where do I Work?

I work at the National University of Singapore (NUS), where I manage all IT infrastructure services in the School of Computing. I am responsible for everything from designing, managing, and operating data centres, network, storage, and servers, as well as overseeing IT security operations. I lead a team of engineers and technicians, and together we take care of a sizeable outfit. I also support a variety of research activities, provide expert consultation, and guest lecture for some academic courses. My official job title is now “Senior IT Architect”.

This is, technically, my second job after graduating. My first job was also at NUS, but it was a contract position and it was at a different department, the former Internet Research and Development Unit (IRDU). IRDU, for those interested, was descended from Technet, a unit in NUS that was spun-off to become Pacific Internet, one of the three initial commercial ISPs in Singapore.

Where did I School?

I am a true blue ACS boy. Starting from Anglo-Chinese Primary School, then to Anglo-Chinese School (nowadays there is an Independent suffixed to the name, because there has since been another branch of the secondary school), and finally Anglo-Chinese Junior College. Schooling was fun. Every ACSian has fond memories of their school.

Like all Singaporean guys, I had to take a break to do my National Service. I was posted to Tengah Air Base where I served as a medic. I am still serving my reservist in the same place, although I don’t seem to be wanted as a medic. I now serve as an overpaid security guard. (Incidentally, nevermind what they keep telling you about military secrets… what secret is there if it can be found on Wikipedia?)

Thereafter, I went to study Computer Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS). I continued on to do my Honours (there wasn’t a direct Honours program then) and graduated in 1997. I wasn’t very involved with student activities in NUS. Instead, I found myself doing some part time work with Technet (see above) and Computer Centre.


I don’t quite yet have a central place to host all my photos. There are some galleries/albums on this site. There are many more in a bunch of random places. I had hoped to put them all on Share Ovi, but now I’m not very sure about that.

Me Online

My other presences online include:

There’s a whole bunch of others that I don’t care very much about.

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