My First MacDonald’s Birthday Party


I attended my first MacDonald’s birthday party recently. It’s not my birthday, of course… it’s one of ┬áVanessa’s classmate’s birthday celebration. I probably headed down to the party with as much excitement as Vanessa because, well, I’ve never been to such a party. I imagined that Ronald MacDonald, or someone in his likeness, would be there to entertain everyone. Well,…

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Cup Cakes From ECreative

These cup cakes are from ECreative. Looks nice. But I think the ones I previously posted about are better. The design and colours are somehow more attractive, and the taste is nicer too. But perhaps the ECreative one is more economical. I think cup cakes are nowadays a more interesting alternative to having a whole cake. They usually look prettier,…

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Vanessa’s First Birthday

Exactly 1 year ago, we were in Thomson Medical Centre celebrating the birth of baby Vanessa. From a tiny little baby, Vanessa has grown into a chubby baby, probably weighing over 10kg now. Quite a weight to carry around nowadays! We had a little party for Vanessa last Saturday, although she probably doesn’t understand what all the fussing and activities…

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