Regulating Cyclists


I’m glad someone decided to write this article. If I wrote it, however nice I try to put it, I’d quite likely incur the wrath of many cyclists. Now, the wrath is upon Alphonsus. I can just ride along and comment on his suggestions which, interestingly, are somewhat related to what I also had in mind. One of the things…

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Cycling To Get Around


I’m intrigued by the question that Minister Khaw Boon Wan recently posed: “The real test is will Singaporeans cycle to work?” How serious is the Government looking into facilitating cycling as a mode of transportation, and how are they going to go about doing it?¬†Cycling is a fun recreation sport. However, it’s not the same thing as cycling to work…

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Vanessa’s Birthday


Vanessa’s five years old today. It’s so unbelievable that five years have already gone by! (Oh yes, and that means this blog site is also five years old!) She’s very quickly growing up, and she’ll be entering Primary One in just another two years (actually, it’s lesser than that). Sometimes, I’d wish that time will just slow down. She’s no…

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First Ghost Bike in Singapore


I was on the bus coming down Clementi Road this morning and spotted an interesting sight: An all-white bicycle on the opposite side of the road, with some flowers placed on the ground in front of it. The bicycle is actually painted all white, not that its frame was white. Everything is totally white, the pedals, the chain, even the…

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