Nokia Phones

Note: I’m done with Nokia phones for the foreseeable future. I don’t use or have a Nokia phone now. Don’t expect any updates in here. If you have a question about setup or configuration, I probably won’t be able to help much.

This is primarily a place holder for Nokia N95 stuffs I have on this site.

Recommended Applications

Here’s my hot list of recommended applications you absolutely have to add to your N95. I have been using many of these since my N73 days. Listed here in no particular order:

  • Windows Live Messenger. If you are fortunate enough to live in a country that Nokia has officially launched support, you can grab the installation from Nokia’s Windows Live site. Otherwise, you can still grab the SIS installation files from other places like SymbianV3. There are two installation files: Install WindowsLive.SIS first, then followed by dep.SIS (this stated in the Read First file included in the download package, but the website actually wrongly states the opposite).
  • SSH. If you’re an IT person, or someone who needs or appreciates having SSH handy, then Putty for Symbian OS is an absolutely must-have.
  • Google stuffs. There are a couple of useful Google apps you can put into your Nseries phone. Surf over to from your mobile phone, and get Gmail and Google Maps installed.
  • Mobizines. These are miniature magazines that you can download into your phone and read them immediately or later. Get the Mobizine Reader.
  • Screenshot for Symbian OS. Absolutely essential if you ever need to take screenshots of your mobile phone display to show off what you’re doing with it. Get from Antony Pranata.
  • Gizmo for Internet calls. Yes, use your Nokia S60 phone to make free Internet calls. Gizmo project also allows you to call real telephones, and gives free call credits under certain programs. Check it out.
  • Lifeblog for WordPress. If you want to post anything on your WordPress blog, you’d need a lifeblog API on your WordPress installation. Get from Christian Scheja. (This is something you install in your WordPress site, not in your phone!)
  • Noted tested yet, but having your phone double as a USB webcam is cool. Check out WWIGO.

Check out this directory of Symbian freeware applications too.

Other Resources

Nokia N95 / N95 8GB reviews:

Various other stuffs:

  • Nokia Contacts Transfer: Software to transfer contacts data from your phone backup files to the phone. Not the same as restoring the phone backup, since this only copies out the contacts data.

Some reviews of the Nokia N82 is included here too, since it is very similar in functions and features to the N95 8GB:

The N95 8GB, annoyingly, doesn’t come with any camera lens cover. Well, you can get replacements online from blueunplugged. Or you can also go to Nokia Care to buy a replacement.

Nokia phones that I’ve owned: 8250, 7250i, N73, N95 8GB, N97.

Last modified: April 22, 2011