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Real-Time Haze Update

This page provides public real-time information on the haze situation in Singapore.

NEA’s PSI Readings

This first graph below plots the data that has been much flogged by NEA. It’s what you see at NEA’s PSI and PSI Readings over the last 24 Hours pages, and which NEA tells you is pretty much all you should look at.

NEA PSI Readings

Just to recap, the bold red line is the 3-hour PM 2.5 index. The other thinner lines are the 24-hour PSI readings for the various regions in Singapore.

PM 2.5 Data

This graph below plots 1-hour PM 2.5 data from  NEA.

PSI/PM2.5 Data

The bold red line is the main 3-hour PM 2.5 index, same as in the previous graph, included here for easy comparison. The other thinner lines show the 1-hour PM 2.5 concentration in μg/m³ for the various regions in Singapore.

Visibility Data

The next graph shows visibility levels, measured in distance kilometres, based on observations at a few locations in Singapore.

Visibility (Singapore)

Visibility is not a substitute for pollutant measurement. However, it remains an interesting metric because very often we make our observations on the haze levels based on visual assessment, and sometimes aided also by smell.

Note that the maximum distance reported is 9999 m (or 10 km). This distance is meant to refer to infinite visibility.

Visibility (Around-SG)

For comparison, the above graphs visibility data from airports near to Singapore.