Very Disappointed That You’re Disappointed


Dear Minister. I’m very disappointed that you’re only just merely disappointed. Perhaps your disappointment might not have been so disappointing had you been disappointed in 2011. But for your disappointment to come only after another fellow Minister’s dissatisfaction (over another matter), that is quite unsatisfactory. There is nothing world class about our land transport. Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean…

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Reward Service Standards with Fare Hikes


Last week, the Public Transport Council’s (PTC) announced a fare hike. Yesterday, train services broke down again, affecting some 19,000 commuters, according to our mainstream media. Fares have to increase, sooner or later. That is a norm we have to accept. The other thing, which unfortunately has become quite the norm, is our massive transportation breakdowns. This one is completely…

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Crowd Driven GrabTaxi Booking App


Having a tough time finding a cab in Singapore? A local startup, GrabTaxi, is here to help make cab booking easier and more convenient for everyone. The GrabTaxi mobile app, which connects commuters directly to cab drivers’ personal smartphones, beta launched yesterday. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices via their respective app stores. The GrabTaxi…

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Regulating Cyclists


I’m glad someone decided to write this article. If I wrote it, however nice I try to put it, I’d quite likely incur the wrath of many cyclists. Now, the wrath is upon Alphonsus. I can just ride along and comment on his suggestions which, interestingly, are somewhat related to what I also had in mind. One of the things…

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Riding on Public Transport


When I was young, I wasn’t that excited about taking the bus. That’s what I can recall, anyway. There were no trains then, of course, other than the ones that go across the causeway. My two kids, on the other hand, are quite excited about taking public transport. Ian, particularly, is just crazily excited about trains. Good thing for him…

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Encounters With Cyclists


I met four cyclists this morning. The first two cyclists were riding on the pedestrian path. The next one was riding right smack in the centre of a two-lane road. The light was red for him. The cyclist rode past all the vehicles stopped at the junction, and at the junction, turned left across the leftmost lane in-front of the cars…

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LTA’s Wayang Show


I’ve been somewhat critical of the LTA lately. But I think it’s fair to say that most public transport commuters are quite fed up, and we all rather see some concrete improvements being put into place, rather than hear about LTA collecting data that’s already quite obvious to everyone. Just go take the train or bus at the right place…

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MRT Accident Investigation


I follow some documentary series on National Geographic like Air Crash Investigation and Seconds From Disaster. When I read our Committee of Inquiry (COI) report on the SMRT breakdowns in December last year, I can’t help but think that our COI’s work showed stark similarity with those of air accident investigation agencies. Our COI seems do have done a pretty…

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Who Really Pays for MRT Fines?


Today’s Straits Times reports about LTA reviewing the penalty framework for MRT breaches. Everyone’s very mad about all the recent MRT breakdowns, particularly the two major incidents in December 2011. We’re all thinking that the MRT operator should be fined heavily. But do you wonder, at the end of the day, who really pays for the fines? If the operators’…

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Our SMRT Drama Unfolds


The last couple of days we’ve been entertained by the public inquiry into the spate of SMRT disruptions. We’ve just come to the juicy part where SMRT ex-CEO Saw Phaik Hwa gets grilled. Not unexpectedly, we’re going to learn about many more things wrong about SMRT. One of the key issues is about the maintenance budget set by SMRT had not…

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