ICA Doesn’t Care Website Down

ICA - Immigration   Checkpoints Authority of Singapore

The Immigration and Checkpoint Authority’s (ICA) website has been down for some time. At least since November 2014, when a friend brought it to my attention. Most people don’t seem to notice, because the outage affects only IPv6 users. I’ve contacted ICA in December 2014, and for over a month, I’ve been assured the matter is receiving their attention. Nothing’s…

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Modern Aircraft May Have Become Too Complex


Among the couple of jobs I had dreamed to do, when I was a child, one of them was to be a pilot. I ended up doing something else. But I’ve always had a fascination with flying, and am what you could say an armchair pilot. For others who are also fascinated about flying a passenger aircraft, this entry in…

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Should Your Office Have a Wall or Not


Many workplaces have adopted an open-office concept. First, there were partitions, then the partitions became lower, and eventually the partitions disappeared. In some offices these days, employees simply sit on benches. It’s totally open. Bosses think it’s a very clever idea. It promotes communication and collaboration, they say. Employees don’t like the idea. But who cares about what employees like or not…

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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Christmas at Clarke Quay Read Bridge

It’s new year’s eve, the time of the year to bid farewell to 2014, and usher in the new year of 2015 that will be upon us in a couple of hours. Some people are making merry, while others are reflecting on their new year resolutions. This has been a busy year for this blog. I wrote 186 posts (not including…

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Easy to Say, Difficult to Do

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 8.54.48 pm

Reading the news today, I learnt that Illegal orders are, of course, illegal. Thank you, judge, for clarifying, and further that we don’t need to follow illegal orders. The challenge, though, is how do you know an order is illegal? Many people aren’t even well versed with our law. How are they able to determine if an order is illegal?…

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LTA: Make Yourself Useful


LTA’s launch of their much criticised, and arguably useless, Taxi-Taxi@SG app, reminds me of another gripe I have about an LTA initiative. That of getting information on bus arrival times. It’s part of their MyTransport app. I’m pleased that LTA knows it “feels great to know when the bus will arrive.” Now, if only it will actually work. Reasonably well. Alright, I’m…

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IU With Unhelpful Error Message


So because someone couldn’t think to produce more sensible error codes, I wasted one hour of my time to sort out this problem, plus maybe half a day worrying about a possible In-vehicle Unit (IU) fault. I don’t know how many other people met with the same problem as me. Think of all the accumulated time wasted, simply because someone couldn’t…

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Opening for IT Infrastructure Role


We’re hiring again, at my day job. Not this blog, of course, but at the School of Computing, National University of Singapore. It’s for a broad infrastructure role, covering data centre, network, storage, servers and IT security operations. This is a fun place for techies to work, because of the breadth and depth of exposure you’ll get. We are small enough…

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Not Enough Electricity In SAF Camp


I read with amusement the BMTC commander’s reply to a forum letter to review the “no-charger rule” for National Service recruits. He said the mass charging of mobile phones would mean using multi-adaptors and extension cords, which increases the risks of overheating. Really? BMTC doesn’t have enough electricity and/or sockets to go around to support mobile phone charging? Let’s do…

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Gathering Intel on SAF Personnel


Last week we had M1 and K Box exposing personal data. Let’s up the ante a little. How about military data? Suppose you are the enemy, wanting to gather some intelligence on the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF). Say, for example, you want to get a name list of everyone who enlists into the SAF every year, and which unit of the SAF they enlist…

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