Erroneous Emails From Citibank

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 9.56.25 pm

I read an article on Yahoo Finance yesterday about how Standard Chartered was making a robbery victim responsible for fraudulent charges. Whatever their legal rights were, it seems very morally wrong of what the bank did. I suspect it may simply be a case of the bank mishandling the incident, poor customer management, and terrible communication processes. I thought about the couple of banks that I have…

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Earth Day Singapore


We just observed Earth Hour late last month. This month, we have another earthly event coming up. It’s Earth Day, and it’ll be celebrated next Tuesday on 22 April 2014. Earth Day is an annual event that has been celebrated since 1970. It aims to raise awareness and support for environmental protection. What are you doing for our Earth today?…

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Not True Interpol Search 0.2 Seconds


Malaysia says checking Interpol’s database of stolen passports will delay immigration clearance. Interpol rebuts, claims search results take just 0.2 seconds in recent tests. Well, of course, we know that’s not true. There are other parts of the lookup process, overheads in the search that have been totally ignored. Checking the database of stolen passports obviously takes time, time that…

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Reflections On Earth Hour


Earth Hour this year is on 29 March 2014. It’s observed from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, local time, wherever you are. In Singapore, it’s just about starting now. Individuals and organisations are encouraged to switch-off non-essential lighting during Earth Hour as a symbol of their commitment to our planet. Some websites observe Earth Hour by rendering their webpages on a black…

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Lessons from MH370


I know the MH370 incident is not over, so it might be premature to talk about lessons to learn from it. But so very much has happened, we can talk about learning points for a long time to come. Flight MH370 will likely be one of the most talked about flights of all time. This era of Internet and social…

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Haze Sensor Project


Since the haze reached record breaking levels in June 2013, and with Singapore’s official PSI readings always giving a rather useless rolling past average values, I decided I needed to get my own haze sensor. The sensor took a couple of weeks to arrive, and by then, the urgency to have my own haze readings became diminished. I did build…

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A New Season in Singapore


We’re currently sitting through a record dry spell. You may already have read about it. 27 days of dry weather starting in January before it was briefly interrupted by a little rainfall on 8th and 9th February. If you look around us, you’d see plenty of signs of our vegetation drying up. Green swaths of grass fields are turning brown….

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Some Thoughts on Singapore Vigilantism


I, too, had wondered if our Singapore-style online vigilantism has gone a little too far. It seems our Singapore netizens are easily irked, and they are quite capable of taking matters into their own hands, appointing themselves judge, jury, and executioner, to rain justice down the purported offender. The two recent victims of local vigilantism do indeed deserve to be…

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Anonymous Group Challenges Again


The hacktivist group Anonymous has again challenged the Singapore government, this time threatening to make public the personal data of employees linked to the government, according to a report by ZDNet. This is in response to the recent arrests of a couple of individuals that were purportedly linked to the group. Up to now, I think nothing really impactful has…

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ZitSeng.Com Moves and Goes Green


It’s the Lunar New Year of the Horse. Welcome back to I mentioned previously some changes that will happen to this site. The first one has happened, but there’s perhaps not much to be noticed. That’s because the change has happened under the hood. We have moved to a new hosting provider. It’s not just another hosting provider, but…

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