Schooling in ACS

I am what you might call a true blue ACS boy, having spent 12 years of my life in the Anglo-Chinese Schools: 6 years in Anglo-Chinese Primary School (then at Coleman Street), another 4 years in Anglo-Chinese School (then at Barker Road and now known as Anglo-Chinese School [Independent]), and finally 2 years in Anglo-Chinese Junior College.

ACS is a very special place not like any other school. The school is not made up of walls and concrete. It is alive with teachers, students and ACSians, past and present. The ACS Spirit is difficult to explain, it cannot be grasped; It can only be felt when you become a part of it. And even when you leave the school, you will always be an ACSian.

Primary school kids are probably too young to appreciate the uniqueness of the ACS education. But once in the secondary school, we begin to build a very strong sense of loyalty to the School.

I joined the Boys Brigade both in primary and secondary school. Camping was fun, so was being together with friends. I wasn’t fascinated with drills, but I enjoyed the parades.

It was in the Junior College that I was most active outside the class. I was president of two ECAs, one of which for both years in the Junior College. In fact, my class was particularly outstanding – we had many presidents, chairpersons and captains amongst us.

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