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Excursion to Singapore Flyer

After one postponement due to bad weather, and another due to scheduling difficulties, we finally made our excursion “flight” on the Singapore Flyer. Personally, after having gone up enough ferris wheels, observation towers, etc, I had not expected to be particularly exhilarated by the views from atop the Singapore Flyer. But being a Singaporean and living in Singapore, it is something we have to try. So we went on the 6pm flight in order to catch the view of Singapore at sunset time.

The sun was actually still far from setting though, because we were somewhat early. It had rained in earlier in the afternoon, and fortunately it had stopped. The rain would probably have helped clean up the air a little, so that with better visibility we can see farther.

It’s nice that there is some greenery around the Singapore Flyer. In some ferris wheels or observation decks in other parts of the world, all you see are buildings and more buildings all around. At least in Singapore, you see the sea, a golf course, the Marina bay area, and the central business district. Also, of course, lots and lots of construction, particularly with the new integrated resort coming up at Marina.

The passenger capsule of the Singapore Flyer is perfectly stable and the entire ride was perfectly smooth. The capsule is completely closed, so you don’t feel or hear any wind (or maybe there just isn’t enough wind in Singapore). Riding in the capsule feels just like standing at an observation deck of a skyscraper. Except that, of course, the capsule moves. Perfect for people who have a phobia for heights.

There is no audio commentary provided in the capsule, apart from the declaration when you have reached the highest point. They are introducing audio headsets to provide commentary during the ride. They are free now, but apparently they plan on charging a rental fee. I guess they plan to squeeze out a few more dollars from tourists.

Would I go again? Probably not. At least not if I had to pay for my ticket. Just once is enough to know what the ride is all about.

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