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Preparing Simplicity for WordPress 2.7

WordPress version 2.7 beta 2 was released yesterday, with the final version 2.7 expected end of this month. There are significant new features, some of which require some updates to themes to support the new functionality. I’ve started to update my WordPress theme Simplicity to support the new version 2.7 features. I’d guess Simplicity is probably one of the earliest to update support for 2.7.

There are many little changes all over the new WordPress 2.7, and a few other not-so-little improvements. They all add up to make WordPress a really wonderful blogging platform. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I’ve decided to move to a proper content management system at work to do documentation, and to make documentation fun.

For someone who’s been preferring to use vi to edit HTML for so many years, this has become quite a bit change. I’m happy that the HTML output provided by these WYSIWYG publishing platforms are consistent, predictable, and standards compliant. These were some of the reasons I had disliked HTML generators previously.

One of the things I’m going to love with WordPress 2.7 is paginated comments. I’ve actually installed a forum system so that comments on some of my pages will not get out of hand. I wished paginated comments had come out earlier.

If you’re waiting to try out the latest Simplicity theme on your WordPress 2.7 installation, download it here. I’ve uploaded it to the WordPress Theme Directory, but that may take a few days to be updated.

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