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Cupcakes Made in Fairyland

[images missing] Aren’t these cupcakes so lovely you’d think they were imported from Fairyland? These cupcakes were for my niece’s full month celebration (she’s the baby, not that she had a baby… haha I’m not so old lah…). The same cupcakes I had for my baby Vanessa’s full month celebration too. Well not the exact same cupcake design, but made from the same Fairyland. Just thought I’d share some moments of joy in admiring the cupcakes. Bear in mind the cupcake colours are actually more vibrant than in the photos (blame it on the N73’s poor performance under difficult indoor lighting conditions).

[images missing] That’s the box of 12 cupcakes. You can see a whole bunch more photos in my gallery album. Not only are the cupcakes pretty, they do taste quite yummy too. These are surely memorable gifts which you can give out for special occasions. Now, where is Fairyland? The secret… is revealed elsewhere in this site. (Yes, a commenter has guessed right in another post.) These days there are quite a number of places selling cupcakes, even including several cupcake “specialists”. But this one is the one. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cupcakes Made in Fairyland

  1. Hi

    I’m looking for some cupcake for my babygirl baby shower, can share the address for Fairland Cupcake?



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