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Not too long ago, while checking out Google Analytics for my blog website, confirming NetMarketShare’s declaration that Chrome is the most popular web browser on the Internet, I noticed a few other interesting analytics details. For example, I’ve got quite a number of iPhone and iPad visitors reading my blog, which is unusual since I neither own nor write much about these gadgets.

Unless otherwise stated, I’m looking at numbers over the last one month from Google Analytics data of my blog website.

By device category, desktops represent 52.60% of visitors. Mobile (smartphones) and tablets make up 40.76% and 6.64% respectively. I’m surprised that there are that many smartphone visitors. Perhaps it has helped that my website is mobile friendly.

Of mobile devices, Apple iPhones and iPads come in at the top at 33.01% and 9.43% respectively. A variety of Samsung devices took 3rd, 4th, 6th 7th, 9th and 10th position. The Nexus 6P surprisingly came in at 8th position, representing 1.80% of mobile devices.

By mobile device branding, Apple came in top at 46.79%, Samsung next at 28.41%, and Xiaomi (surprisingly) at 3.56%.

Which are the most popular service provider networks used by visitors to my blog website? SingTel, including SingNet, came in tops at 24.34%. StarHub is next at 14.66%. M1 came in at a modest 6.70%.

By operating system (desktops and mobile), Windows is top at 37.93%, Android is next at 24.56%, then iOS at 22.18% and Mac OS X at 12.51%. So while there are huge iPhone and iPad users, by operating system, Android still surpasses iOS, though not by much.

What do I learn? Most of the numbers are not too surprising, just except about how many iPhone and iPad users reading my blog website. I know I write about Macs from time to time, but not much at all about iPhones and iPads. For some reason, iPhones and iPads are really popular with my readers.

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