Cheyne Settles in a New Home

Cheyne, my 8 year old Golden Retriever, found himself temporarily without a home recently. Due to some unfortunate events that happened in the house he resided at (not where I stay), he had to be sent to a boarding house. He’s very sad to leave his home… it had been the same in the past when no one was home and we had to send him away.

We’ve now found a new home for Cheyne. The good thing that came out of it is that I visit this house much more regularly than the previous, so I get to see him more often. It has a bigger garden for him to roam around, and more people around to shower attention on him. I would love for him to stay with me, but alas my apartment is too small for a big dog like him.

We waited to receive Cheyne at his new home yesterday. I think he was mad with me… he didn’t give me his attention like he usually does, and refused to obey simple instructions. He had spent the last 2 weeks in a boarding house, so he’s probably somewhat upset. My wife gave him a bone, and that seemed to cheer him up a bit.

Today, when I came by the house in the evening, he happily brought his sleeping rug to me. It is his way of greeting people. It doesn’t have to be his rug actually… he would grab anything, although usually floor mats or towels. Hopefully this means that he’s settling down.

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