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Apple iPhone Selling in Singapore

LifeblogimageSighted the Apple iPhone on sale here in Singapore. Didn’t know it was available? Hmmm I thought the phone was slick, until I saw how clunky it was. Think I’d pass for an N-Series gadget.
— Posted from my N73 Lifeblog.

6 thoughts on “Apple iPhone Selling in Singapore

  1. It is rather slick. You got to hold it in your hands to feel it.

    But you need to unlock the phone if you are buying. And unlock it again whenever Apple release a new firmware. Think its better to wait for it to come to Singapore.

  2. DK and Paddy: Yah, the iPhone certainly has the wow factor. Yes the N73 is thicker. And so is the N95 8GB which I’m currently eyeing for my next phone. 🙂

    Perhaps it’s because the iPhone was displayed next to the KE800… that made the iPhone look clunky. I was looking at the KE800 and “wah, so cool” and then the iPhone, and “oh so big”. 🙂

  3. hi . i don know if i think this way is right anot . but ahh u all see . if we unlock iphone . we don connnect to wifi or gprs . apple cannt send firmware to us to patch and lock it back ma . so just don on it xD until phone come to asia then on . then i guess no prob le haha .

  4. just if they come iphone to sg = legal unlocked . now we r ilegal unlocking . so if they come in sg . we ilegal unlocked become legal unlocked . just have to bare 1-2mth to nt use wifi or gprs xD

  5. I don’t know how iPhone’s firmware locking works. But it is quite possible that some identifying code in the phone will tell where the phone was bought or distributed from. E.g. in the case of Nokia phones, the N95 8GB phone would have a whole bunch of product codes so that Nokia can tell, for example, if the phone is bought through StarHub, M1 or SingTel. (Of course that can also be easily hacked.)

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