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Google Pixel Now In Singapore

If you’ve been waiting for Google to launch their new Pixel smartphones in Singapore, well, it’s coming close to that. Although Google had love for Singapore when they sold the Nexus One here, we’re not expecting the same to happen with their new Pixel smartphones. However, fret not, if Google won’t, perhaps someone else will. Lazada to the rescue.

Just newly available, Boom is now offering the Google Pixel smartphones on Lazada. For the 32GB 5-inch Pixel, the selling price is S$1149, and for the 128GB it’s S$1339. The Pixel smartphones are available in both the Very Silver and Quite Black colours.

Unfortunately, there’s no 5.5-inch Pixel XL in sight. At least not yet.

Delivery of the Pixel will take 2 to 3 working days. The seller doesn’t provide warranty, but Lazada’s return policy might still apply.

Another Lazada seller also sells the Google Pixel, with the 32GB and 128GB capacities at S$1250 and S$1430 respectively. Again, it’s only the 5-inch, and no 5.5-inch Pixel XL available. Delivery times are the same, and without seller warranty.

It’s not clear if these smartphones are U.S. or ROW sets.

The Google Pixel smartphones are selling for quite a premium here. Just for comparison, the U.S. prices are US$649 and US$749 for the 32GB and 128GB capacities respectively. It’s about a 27% to 28% premium over the U.S. prices even with the cheaper seller. They’re pricey.

Although the Pixel smartphones are actually made by HTC, they are said to be entirely designed by Google. The software, of course, but all the hardware is Google’s design too. HTC is just a contract manufacturer, just like how Foxconn makes iPhones for Apple. You will find no HTC branding anywhere on this phone, except apparently, just on the battery.

Fancy a Pixel phone?

Update (2016-11-04): The Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones in both 32GB and 128GB capacities are now coming soon to Lazada themselves, i.e. sold and fulfilled by Lazada, not a 3rd party seller. Prices run up to S$1359 and S$1499 for the XL in 32GB and 128 GB capacities respectively. (ref: Pixel XL on Lazada)

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