One Week Later

Vanessa is one week old today! I’m not going to say “time flies”, because it doesn’t when her mummy and daddy don’t get 7 peaceful hours of sleep every night 🙂 But yah, so many things have happened in the one week.

She has a strange cycle of feeding on alternate days. Day one, she suckled immediately. On day two, she rather sleep and was completely uninterested in feeding. But day three, she suckling excitedly again. And so on and so forth. Today is day seven – feeding day – and let’s see so far she’s fed at around 1am, 3am, 6am, 8am, 10am… hmm and ok after that I went to work.

We are supposed to be doing on-demand feeding. That’s what the hospital nurses said they’ll do in the night. Baby cries, baby gets to feed; Baby doesn’t cry, baby doesn’t get to feed. In the middle of the night, they wheel in the baby and say she cried, so we need to feed. But when she’s in the room with us, she’s absolutely peaceful, even tending to fall back to sleep. At home too… the confinement lady wakes us up to say the baby cried and needs feeding. But we don’t hear her cry in the our room. Haha perhaps baby is just cleverly trying to signal she wants to feed… and then she settles down when she knows she’s gotten the message across.

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