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AGVA Notebook Sleeve

I’ve been looking around for a simple sleeve to carry my notebook in, and I recently found this AGVA notebook sleeve that seems to work for me. It’s quite basic, and looks good enough, something I can conveniently take around for a meeting across a couple of buildings away.

For a while, I’ve been making do with a padded envelope to carry around my notebook. If I’m just going across campus, I don’t want to have to lug my usual bag that I commute to work with. But although my requirements for the notebook sleeve isn’t terribly complicated, it didn’t seem easy to find something that was basic, elegant, and cheap.

I’ve been eyeing a certain one made out of (I think) Corduroy material. It’s nice, but costs like $50. Too much for someone who would used a padded envelope.

This AGVA one seems alright. At $24.90, it’s far more affordable. The material is fabric, with a sort of fake leather accented tags on the zipper.

There are two external pockets to stuff smallish items like pens. An A5 notebook (I mean like the real paper type) would be too big to fit in either of them.

The main compartment comfortably fits 13-inch notebooks. The late-2016 MacBook Pro notebooks are definitely thin enough to fit, but so will thicker ones like the prior generation MacBook Pro.

The sleeve is soft, so it’s not the stiff kind that will provide any significant protection from serious drops.

As I said earlier, it’s simple. Works for just carrying a notebook for a quick rendezvous not too far away.

This AGVA notebook sleeve was purchased from Popular at $24.90.

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