USB C to SATA Adapter Cable

Another one of those accessories needed as we transition into the new world of USB Type-C ports is this USB-C to SATA adapter cable. This is used to connect a 2.5-inch drive, including both SSDs and hard disk drives, to a USB-C port on your computer.

This adapter essentially converts a bare drive that you have lying around into a portable drive that you can hook up to your notebook. There won’t be an enclosure for the drive, though, since this is just the adapter.

I’m familiar with’s USB to SATA dongles, as I’ve also had their older USB Type-A port version. The adapter just works out-of-the-box, not different from how you’d expect any portable hard disk to just plug into your computer and work.

This adapter supports USB 3.1 gen 2 speeds (10 Gbps), and it’s Thunderbolt 3 compatible. At the SATA end, it supports all SATA I, II and III.

Do note that this adapter does not supply power of its own, instead depending on your notebook. As a result, you can’t use desktop-type hard disk drives with this adapter, because such drives are too power hungry. This adapter is designed for notebook-type hard disk drives, which are typically the 2.5-inch variety, as well as SSDs.

I’d recommend using these adapters with SSDs for the performance.

This USB C to SATA Adapter Cable is available from Amazon at US$20.69 (affiliate link).

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