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MINDEF Fights War Online

Cybersecurity is really hot in Singapore these days. The news is flooded with all sorts of things that Singapore is doing, including what the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) is doing or will be doing. The latest exciting development is the formation of a new Defence Cyber Organisation where national servicemen could be selected for cyber defence vocations.

Yes that’s right. This should have happened earlier when I was still liable for reservist call-up. Or perhaps I should have been born later.

The SAF now has a new cyber defence vocation for both full-time and operationally ready national servicemen.

You will now chiong sua online in the intricate dark net, or do guard duty watching intrusion detection logs.

I don’t know if our Second Defence Minister Ong Ye Kung knows what he’s talking about, but he describes this vocation as demanding, “comparable to the commandos or naval divers”. In other words, don’t look down on these geeks working in aircon offices alright. It’s really tough.

We have a new literal meaning to the words keyboard warriors.

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