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Sneak Peak At Bragi The Dash

Bragi’s Dash started as a Kickstarter project back in 2014, at around the same time as Earin, which I had reviewed last year. They are both truly wireless earphones, truly wireless being something that had to be emphasised. Today, there are perhaps a dozen of such earphones, including those from Apple and Samsung.

But Bragi’s Dash, or as they prefer to call it Bragi The Dash, is truly special. It really does everything you could want in a wearable earphone. It’s not just a wireless earphone for listening to music. You can expect to take calls with it, and the Dash does this with a cool bone conduction microphone.

The Dash does more. It’s a fitness tracker, capable of tracking steps and monitoring heart rate. It’s also water-resistant enough for you to swim with it. Yes, swimming is in fact a supported fitness activity!

Speaking of swimming, you might think there’ll be a problem listening to music since you can’t quite have your smartphone with you for wireless streaming. Guess what? You can load tracks into the Dash itself, so it plays music from its own internal memory!

There are 23 embedded sensors in the Dash. There aren’t physical buttons, so you interact with it by tapping, swiping or pressing on the touch-sensitive surface. It supports gestures, so you can nod your head or shake your head to respond to the Dash. Then, there’s a cool gesture: you can tap your cheek twice to activate Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant.. Yes that’s right, tap you cheek, twice, not the earphone itself.

I’ll have a full review coming up, but I’m really excited to share some initial thoughts. The music quality is surprisingly good. Battery life is decent. Audio transparency works very well. Build quality is excellent. In fact, the charging dock for the Dash is also very excellently made. Then, I’ve got to commend Bragi on the Dash’s impressive packaging too.

This is one truly wireless earphone that you’ve got to check out, particularly for those who want to track their fitness activity while listening to music, and especially those who want to do all that while swimming.

Bragi The Dash retails for S$428 from truewireless.sg and most leading audio and consumer electronics retail stores. I’ll have a full review coming up.

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