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Downsized Christmas Tree

20122008903This year’s Christmas tree has been downsized. Not that it was intended as a reflection of the economic downturn. It’s actually a new tree though. The previous tree isn’t that old, but I guess the new tree is more “modern” and comes with lights. It’s also a lot easier to setup than the old one.

The trouble with the previous tree was that it was an unwieldy size. It was difficult to take out and unpack. You definitely need more than one person to assemble the tree. It was rather tall, so putting the lights on it was quite a tedious process. Then after Christmas you’d have to reverse all the setup work.

20071224580But of course, having had a tall majestic Christmas tree before, the new one seems tiny. Everyone’s reaction was like huh… so small. There’s a lot less decorations you can put on it, obviously, since there is a lot less space. But I think easy-to-setup is definitely an important advantage of the new smaller tree.

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