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When the F1 Comes to Singapore

As I drove around the F1 race track (to-be) this morning, I noted how like everywhere else in Singapore the road surface was so scarred by incessant trenching works, and there were so many little detours because road works were forever happening. Did the F1 organizers want to come to Singapore, because of the challenging road conditions that we have to offer to the race drivers?

No I think not. Probably before the F1 race season descends on Singapore, the Government is going to re-do all the F1 roads so that they would be in perfect condition. Perfectly level, perfectly straight (or curved or turn or whatever it is meant to be), and perfectly decorated with flower pots just like the IMF visit recently.

Then, when the roads becomes so wonderful to drive on, oops, sorry the roads are closed to everyone except F1 drivers. When the F1 leaves Singapore for the year, all the weeks and months of road works that were held back because of perfecting the roads for the F1, and of course to hold the F1 race itself, will all suddenly commence at the same time in a mad rush to finish all the digging they would ever want to dig in that year, except they have to do it a couple of months faster because the next round of road perfection exercise would begin again. In the ensuing chaos of road works during those couple of months, the roads will possibly become almost unpassable.

So there you have it. Our roads will either be unpassable because the F1 drivers are using it, or the road diggers are occupying it.

Hmm, I wonder how exciting it would be to have a race through city traffic? Let’s say, race from Tanglin Shopping Centre to Ritz Carlton, or oh well why not end at the floating thingy built for NDP. The race will be held on a weekday at 8am. Cars that get into accidents would be disqualified. I mean what fun is it if you can drive like Daytona, just ramming any car you like? It should be challenging: Weave in and out of Singapore’s peak hour morning traffic without touching anything, car, pedestrian or public property. Also don’t get caught by traffic police and don’t get caught by the bus lane photographers.

That would be fun. 🙂

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