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Vanessa’s Back to Hospital

The day before, Vanessa started getting a high fever and didn’t seem to respond well to medication. That was good enough reason to get me the afternoon off from my ICT yesterday. Vanessa actually seemed to be doing ok at mid day, but unfortunately, her high fever returned and she started to vomit.

So we took her to hospital where she was admitted for tests and observation. It is just as well that being warded she’ll have professional nursing care and medical attention. Beats trying to talk to doctors over the phone who would not have the first-hand sense of what might be wrong.

Baby Vanessa had to have a drip line set up! I think she was furiously mad with the nurse. Later, she had to get antibiotics administered slowly through the drip line over 20 mins. Adults take the whole shot immediately, but because it may be painful, babies get theirs over 20 minutes. But somehow it must have still been painful for Vanessa, because she was very upset, cried a lot, and kept staring at the drip line.

So far no test results yet. Hopefully we get something soon and don’t have to stay too long.

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