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SingTel Announces Pixel 2 XL Pricing

Google announced their second generation Pixel smartphones on 4 Oct, and we heard then that the Pixel 2 XL would be available in Singapore later this year. Yes, it’s coming here, though only the one with 64 GB capacity, only through SingTel, and only on contract. It’s only the larger Pixel 2 XL, but if that’s any consolation, you go get to choose colours.

We’ve been eagerly waiting for SingTel to announce prices. I suppose they had to gauge market demand to decide how much they want Singapore consumers to cough up for the new Google flagship device. Today is the day, the prices are now released. Briefly, the Pixel 2 XL with 64 GB of storage will cost you:

  • S$1,098 on Combo 1 plan (S$27.90 monthly, 100 MB, 100 mins, 500 SMS)
  • S$868 on Combo 2 (S$42.90 monthly, 2 GB, 200 mins, 1,000 SMS)
  • S$598 on Combo 3 (S$68.90 monthly, 3 GB, unlimited mins, unlimited SMS)
  • S$358 on Combo 6 (S$95.90 monthly, 6 GB, unlimited mins, unlimited SMS)
  • Free on Combo 12 (S$239.90 monthly, 12 GB, unlimited mins, unlimited SMS)

For comparison, here’s the price list for the iPhone 8 Plus with 64 GB from SingTel:

  • S$938 on Combo 1
  • S$798 on Combo 2
  • S$568 on Combo 3
  • S$328 on Combo 6
  • Free on Combo 12

Here’s the same for iPhone X with 64 GB:

  • S$1,248 on Combo 1
  • S$1,108 on Combo 2
  • S$878 on Combo 3
  • S$638 on Combo 6
  • Free on Combo 12

The three phones, the Pixel 2 XL with 64 GB, iPhone 8 Plus with 64 GB and iPhone X with 64 GB cost US$849, US$799, and US$999, respectively, when you purchase them in the US.

Off-contract in Singapore, the iPhone 8 Plus with 64 GB and iPhone X with 64 GB cost S$1,308 and S$1,648 respectively.

I had expected Singtel to charge a serious premium for the Pixel 2 XL. It turns out to be a mixed bag. At the Combo 3 tier, the Pixel 2 XL costs just S$30 more, but the difference in the U.S. off-contract price is US$50.

SingTel is still taking registration for your interest, so if you like to get a spot, head over to their website: https://www.singtel.com/personal/products-services/mobile/info/googlepixel

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