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Xiaomi Wireless Selfie Kit Review

Merry Christmas! It’s one of those occasions when you’ll find yourself taking many selfies and wefies. Probably more of wefies, I suppose. If you haven’t got a selfie stick, consider this XIaomi Wireless Selfie Kit. I know it’s probably too late to rush out to buy one now, but you can do that for the next big celebration.

The Xiaomi Wireless Selfie Kit is designed for the new breed of smartphones that lack a 3.5 mm audio jack. That’s because it triggers wirelessly through Bluetooth, and itself lacks a 3.5 mm audio plug.

This selfie stick doubles as both a regular selfie stick as well as a tripod stand. It’s simple to setup, and a tripod stand is always useful when you’ve some place to set it on for your selfies, or more likely wefies, since you aren’t bound by the reach of the stick.

As a regular stick, I do find this selfie stick rather short at approximately 42 cm (up to the tilting mechanism for the grip). I think it’s more practical to have something of at least 50 cm. This shortness makes it slightly difficult to take large wefies.

The grip can be tilted, and rotated 360° around the stick’s axis. Furthermore, you can easily articulate the smartphone into landscape or portrait orientation.

I like that the grip on this selfie stick isn’t too tight. It’s easy to open the grip, and there’s enough pressure so you don’t worry about the smartphone dropping out. The grip works comfortably for larger smartphones like the Pixel 2 XL pictured. The specs put the grip’s adjustable width from 56 mm to 89 mm.

This is a simple remote, with just one button, and one status LED. Setting up is simple, and using it is equally no-brainer.

There’s a notch in the selfie stick’s handle to hold the Bluetooth remote, so you should not easily lose this remote. In fact, you can leave the remove in that notch, and use it like a button built into the stick itself.

When retracted, the selfie stick is reduced to a pretty compact size so it’s quite handy to bring around. It even fits in my jacket pocket.

I bought this Xiaomi Wireless Selfie Kit from Qoo10 for S$21, but you can find sellers offering for lesser, as well as on other marketplace platforms like GearBest.


The Xiaomi Wireless Selfie Kit uses Bluetooth remote triggering for those smartphones that lack a 3.5 mm audio jack, and it conveniently doubles up as a tripod stand.


  • Bluetooth remote, with notch to hold the remove
  • Compact size
  • Grip is firm but not too tight


  • Rather short length

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