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SingTel Offers 50GB of Data

n95-8gb-frontI just received a message today from SingTel informing that they are now upgrading the bundled data in our mobile broadband plans from 10GB to 50GB.

M1 recently had also sent their subscribers a somewhat similar message. In M1’s case, they were actually increasing the monthly cap of 10GB to 50GB. This means that they can now charge subscribers for up to 50GB of data usage. Their message, however, was easily misinterpreted by some subscribers as saying the bundled data has been increased to 50GB.

However, it seems SingTel is genuinely increasing the bundled data to 50GB without any change in prices. This is what the message from SingTel reads:

“Dear BroadBand on Mobile subscriber, we are pleased to inform you that BroadBand on Mobile 512/1800/3600 plan comes with 50GB bundled local data (upgraded from 10GB) from 1 Dec 07 at no extra cost! Now you can enjoy greater value at the same cost!”

I don’t think there is any catch in there? ๐Ÿ™‚ 50GB is almost about unlimited. Good thing I recently switched to SingTel. Although I prefer the image that M1 projects… I think in the end the $ and ยข matters a lot too.

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