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Vista’s Greatest Enemy is XP

How ironical is it to find that Microsoft Vista’s greatest enemy is their own predecessor? Newer should be better. Newer should be what people want. Especially techie people. Yet, with Microsoft’s operating systems for desktop PCs, XP still remains the preferred choice. It is not like users want Vista and just haven’t gotten around to upgrade. It’s not even Linux, or Mac OS X that is the greater enemy. Rather, some users are choosing XP over Vista, even for brand new PC purchases.

First, we saw how some PC manufacturers, such as Dell, u-turned from their exclusive Vista offerings to start preloading XP again. Then shockingly enough, Microsoft themselves started to offer a free downgrade-to-XP program. Microsoft also announced sales of XP to be extended till June 2008. Quite clearly, many of us are not ready for Vista.

The latest development is that the planned service packs for Vista and XP continues to widen the performance advantage XP will have over Vista. A benchmark test reported by Cnet found that XP SP3 could be over twice as fast as Vista SP1.

Who still wants to get Vista?

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