Getting Lost with Clueless@SG

Just taking a quick swipe at a pet topic: Wireless@SG is lost. Lost as in it doesn’t know where it is. I was at NUH today. Surprise, Wireless@SG was working and I could login. But bigger surprise: The SingTel web page said “Welcome to Toa Payoh”! NUH in Toa Payoh? Luckily we don’t depend on Wireless@SG to get our bearings. 🙂

2 Responses to Getting Lost with Clueless@SG

  1. Maybe you are connected to the access point at TPY? Wahahaha…..

  2. Tasteless@SG at the golden arches embeds advertisements in the pages that you surfed. And it loads tons of stuff in the background. They use the Qmax service provider. As for NUH, someone is just plain lazy, they probably copy templates from other places.

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