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Dressed Up All Ready For School

080220091816Yes, on a Sunday morning, Vanessa woke up early, had her bath, dressed up nicely, and even already had her socks put on. She’s all ready to go. Just waiting for her Daddy to wake up from his slumber (I like to sleep late on Sundays). So I woke up to find Vanessa all prepped up ready to head off to her class. I was quite amused. At this age, school equals fun, so no wonder that Vanessa looks forward to class.

This is one activity that Vanessa eagerly looks to Daddy for. She’s very cooperative too when I bring her to her play school. She sits quietly in the car, no fussing around. At the very most, I only need to hand her a used parking coupon to keep her occupied with something during the drive. She’s quite well-behaved in her class too. I think she gives the best goodbye hugs to her teachers too!

Vanessa’s learning her Zoo Phonics pretty well too. As recent as one or two months ago, matching letters for Vanessa probably still meant putting up pieces of paper randomly on the wall. Nowadays, she understands that she’s supposed to actually match the letter she has in her hand with those on the wall. I suppose she hasn’t yet understood or memorized the entire sequence of alphabets from A to Z, so sometimes I help out to point to the general direction of the letters. E.g. the letter T would be somewhere on the right side. Then she’s off to find the correct match. Still not perfect. She had mixed up the ‘i’ and ‘j’. The print for them where not sufficiently distinct. So I have to point out that the ‘j’ has an extra ¬†descender that the ‘i’ doesn’t have.

Learning objectives must now figure into the play activities too. Hopefully we can make learning fun for Vanessa.

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