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SonicGear Sonicbar 3000 Review

SonicGear makes a wide variety of audio products, including several sound bars such as this SonicBar 3000 BTMI. This is a very affordably priced Bluetooth wireless sound bar that will pair up nicely with your desktop or TV.

The SonicBar 3000 BTMI is big-sized sound bar. It’s too big for typical desktop monitors, so I think it’s more suited for use with TVs. Its main use is to play audio streamed over Bluetooth 2.1, with a range of up to 10 metres. However, it can also play music from a micro-SD card, USB, or aux-in.

Furthermore, the SonicBar 3000 BTMI has a built-in FM radio receiver covering a frequency range from 87.5 – 108.0 MHz.

The SonicBar 3000 BTMI is a stereo speaker setup, using two 3-inch 20 Watt speakers. There is no sub-woofer, so quite understandably this sound bar is quite lacking in bass coverage.

Overall, I don’t find the sound quality impressive. It’s probably better than what you’d get from your monitor’s built-in speakers, but it likely won’t outperform better TVs. However, considering the price point of this SonicBar 3000 BTMI, I can’t complain too much about the sound quality.

The official specifications put the speakers’ frequency response range at 
100 HZ -20 kHZ.

The SonicBar 3000 BTMI will play MP3 content from USB or microSD cards, so you don’t have to keep it connected to a Bluetooth source.

The construction of this sound bar is quite robust. It has hooks on the back so you can hang it on a wall, or you can simply rest it on a flat surface. There are a couple of plasticky buttons at the right-end of the sound bar for you to make source selection, control volume, and switch on/off power, among other things.

The SonicBar 3000 BTMI is powered by an external AC adapter. It comes with a wall mount kit, 3.5 mm aux cable, RCA audio cable, and a remote control.

The SonicGear SonicBar 3000 BTMI retails at S$69.90.

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