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Lenspen Elite DSLR Cleaning Kit

I’ve used Lenspen lens cleaning pens for several years, and already have a few of them. I recently got another set of them, the new Lenspen Elite DSLR Cleaning Kit. This is a three-pen set, now in a new white colour instead of the older black-coloured set.

For those unfamiliar, the Lenspen lens cleaning pen is a dual-sided cleaning instrument. One end has a retractable soft brush for sweeping off dirt from the lens surface. The other end is more interesting. Protected by a screw tip cover, you’ll find a carbon-charged felt tip.

The carbon-charged felt tip is designed to clean off fingerprints, smudges and oily marks. Each time you screw back the cap, you’ll recharge the tip with more carbon so that it can do more cleaning work again.

The Lenspen carbon-charged felt tip is very convenient to use, as well as to stow away when you’re not using it. Most of the time, this lens cleaning pen is all I need.

The Elite DSLR Cleaning Kit comes with three pens:

  • The largest one is for cleaning lenses.
  • The next one is for filters.
  • The smallest one is primarily used for the viewfinder.

The kit also comes with a microfiber cloth pouch to store the three pens. It’s black, as you can see in the photo above, different from the light-coloured one in the older kit.

Lenspen says the pen is good for 500 uses, so it should last you quite a long time, easily a couple of years even if you use just a few times a week. You’d probably want a replacement sooner.

The new Elite version of the Lenspen is available on Lazada at S$26.09. I personally don’t see any difference between this and the older Pro kit. Interestingly enough, on Lenspen’s own website, the Pro kit now even have the same identical colours as the Elite kit, and they don’t list an Elite item, so I’m thinking the new Pro replaces the Elite, which replaced the older Pro. That older Pro Kit is available from Amazon at about US$16 (affiliate link).

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