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Humixx S1 Sports Wireless Earphones Review

Affordably priced Bluetooth wireless headphones are aplenty. However, finding one that actually sounds great can be quite a different matter. The Humixx S1 Sports Wireless Earphones looks to be one such good find. Humixx sent me a set of these headphones for this review.

Their full product title on Amazon is rather lengthy: Humixx Wireless Headphones Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Apt-X Stereo Magnetic In-ear Earbuds with Mic and Secure Fit for Sports, Gym, Travelling. I’ll just shorten that to Humixx S1 Sports Wireless Earphones, a combination of what’s written on the retail packaging, and what appears in the Bluetooth connection on my phone.

The quick summary is that the Humixx S1 Sports Wireless Earhpones is a Bluetooth wireless in-ear style headphones with a connecting neck strap. The strap is made of a ribbed-textured silicon material that maintains its curved form so it can stay comfortably around your neck.

There are magnets in the earpieces, so they stick to each other when you bring them together. This is convenient when you want to leave them hanging down from your neck, so they don’t swing around excessively.

The earpieces have a bit of a premium look, thanks to the textured metal faceplate. The concave side profile makes it easy to grip the earpieces when you want to put them in or take out from your ear. The fit is good, comfortable, and seems to be sufficiently secure.

I did wish they didn’t have the Left and Right markings facing outward.

A few inches down each earpiece is a little plastic capsule module. All the buttons, charging port, and microphone are on the right side. The left side is there probably for better balance, which is a good thing, and perhaps might also have the battery embedded within.

You get a basic 3–button control which enables you to play/pause, and skip tracks forward and backward. You can’t control volume, however, which is rather inconvenient.

You can take calls on the Humixx S1 Sports Wireless Earphones with the built-in in-line microphone, but you can’t activate your smartphone’s voice assistant.

Sound quality on the Humixx S1 Sports Wireless Earphones is surprisingly good. I was immediately blown away by its powerful bass and wide sound stage.

The bass is deep and rich, though perhaps a little bit on the boomy side. It’s so powerful that I find it overwhelming. The mids are also strong, but the trebles are pretty subdued, almost downed out by the bass.

This is the sort of headphones that bass-heads will likely love. The powerful bass might be quite suited for sports and gym use.

For me, I’ll want to dial back on the bass for general music listening.

Humixx says the battery on this headphones run for 7 hours. It reportedly supports aptX, but there is no aptX HD.

Despite their target for sports and gym use, the Humixx S1 Sports Wireless Earphones has no IP rating. Don’t go out in the rain, and make sure you don’t work out too hard.

In the retail packaging, you’ll find three sets of silicon ear tips (one pair already attached), a Micro-USB charging cable, and some documentation.

This Humixx S1 Sports Wireless Earphones retails on Amazon (affiliate link) for US$29.99. Unfortunately, they do not ship to Singapore, so you’ll need to sort out your delivery arrangements.


The Humixx S1 Sports Wireless Earphones is a basic Bluetooth wireless headphones great for sports and gym use.


  • Strong and powerful bass
  • Comfortable fit


  • Basic features

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