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Toilet In An IT Company

170320092248Signage posted in the toilet of a leading IT networking Multi-National Company: “For enquiries, please log a case@gtrc…” How interesting that toilet facilities are incorporated into their larger scheme of things in facilities and asset management, and to use an IT-oriented phrase like “log a case”. Can you imagine a call to Support Desk:

“Hi, I have a case to report. One of the WC at the 28th floor men’s toilet does not flush. The WC ID is SGP-CT-28-WC-M-02. I have pushed the manual lever several times, but no water flows.”

“Thank you sir. Have you tried stepping out of the cubicle, then re-entering the cubicle and trying again?”

“No. But I’m sure that does not make sense right. The WC is broken.”

“Okay sir, if you say so. Unfortunately we do not have SNMP access to the WC, so I am unable to remotely check on its condition. I have assigned this case ID R-8871-27534-5511 and will escalate this to our on-site FM team to respond. They will call you if they need further information.”


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