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Dell U3219Q Monitor Review

I’ve been using Dell’s new U3219Q 32-inch 4K resolution monitor as my main work computer for about two weeks now. The experience is wonderful. It’s InfinityEdge design offers a clean, modern, look, and along with great ergonomics and all-round functionality, the U3219Q is an easy monitor to recommend for general work use.

The expansive 32-inch display, which actually measures 31.5-inch diagonally, is beautiful. I like that it has an anti-glare matte finish, so there’ll be no problems with reflections. Gloss finishes are supposedly better for watching movies, but I really dislike having to deal with reflections.

The InfinityEdge borderless design on the Dell U3219Q means that there is minimal bezel around the top and two sides. The bottom bezel is just slightly thicker, but it doesn’t really affect the look of the monitor overall.

The IPS panel has Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution at up to 60 Hz. It is capable of producing brightness up to 400 cd/m2, and has good response time between 5 ms and 8 ms.

Testing with my Spyder5PRO colourimeter, the Dell U3219Q measured at 96% sRGB, 66% NTSC, and 72% AdobeRGB coverage. It’s good enough for general use. If your graphics or video work requires far greater colour accuracy, unfortunately, you may have to look elsewhere.

For entertainment use, the Dell U3219Q will impress with its support for DisplayHDR 400 HDR content playback. The bright display with 1300:1 contrast ratio helps add rich dynamic range to content.

One of the highlights of the Dell U3219Q monitor is the support for USB Type-C, DisplayPort 1.4, and HDMI 2.0 video input. This is the most modern selection of input ports you can ask for today.

The USB Type-C port supports alternate mode DisplayPort 1.4 and Power Delivery. This can be used to power your notebook, but for data transfer, unfortunately, you get only a USB 2.0 interface. For faster USB speeds, you’ll need to use a separate USB 3.0 upstream port.

For downstream USB peripheral connections, the Dell U3219Q has two USB 3.0 ports on the back, and 2 more USB 2.0 with BC 1.2 charging capability at 2 Amp on the side. The latter ports on the side can be used to charge your mobile devices. Apart from those USB ports, there’s an audio line out jack on the back of the monitor. A standard C14 AC power inlet is located on the back too, so there’s no need for a separate power brick.

The U3219Q monitor comes with a height-adjustable stand, with tilt from -5° to 21°, swivel +/-30°, and pivot +-90°. You can pivot to portrait mode, though it took me a while to figure out that on needs to tilt the display panel backward while pivoting, otherwise the corner of the panel will hit the bottom stand.

Oddly enough, the U3219Q doesn’t have a sweet spot that locks the display panel in landscape orientation. You know, typically on most monitors which can pivot, even those from Dell, there’s a point at which the display panel sort of “snaps” into a horizontal position. With the U3219Q, it may take a bit of effort to ensure that you’ve pivoted it to a perfectly horizontal level.

The U3219Q has a bit of heft, weighing at 5.8 kg, giving it some stability without becoming too difficult to move the monitor around.

I am one who uses dual monitor setups heavily, at work and at home. With a 32-inch display, however, it’s quite possible to do without a second monitor. There’s more than enough screen space to place two, even three, documents or browser windows side by side. A single large screen is definitely better than working with two smaller screens.

In the box, the Dell U3219Q monitor comes with a USB Type-C cable, a DisplayPort cable, one USB 3.0 Type A to Type B cable, and an AC power cable.

The Dell U3219Q monitor retails online at S$1,179.


At about 32-inch diagonally, the Dell U3219Q is a really nice expansive 4K UHD display that will work very nicely with a notebook supporting USB Type-C Power Delivery and DisplayPort alternate mode.


  • Large display with good image quality
  • Good selection of ports
  • USB Type-C with Power Delivery
  • Height, tilt, and pivot stand
  • Matte anti-glare display


  • USB Type-C port only handles data at USB 2.0 speed
  • Average colour gamut

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