Down With HFMD For Her Birthday

200320092272Vanessa will be two years old tomorrow. She should be in school celebrating her birthday. But it’s so unfortunate that she’s possibly down with HFMD. I hope it’s a false alarm though. Although she started having a little diarrhoea yesterday, followed by a mild fever today, she otherwise does seem quite well. But we were quite startled this morning to discover what looked like an ulcer on a tongue.

So we promptly brought Vanessa to her usual¬†paediatrician this morning. He says it is still early to tell for sure, and that we’ll know by Saturday. But for now, it will mean that we have to assume the worst case and keep Vanessa in isolation.

She performed her tongue twisting trick for the PD today. She was refusing to open her mouth for the PD to inspect. I eventually coaxed her to “show how you twist your tongue”… and she proudly performed her trick and smiled. I think the PD must have been impressed with her stunt.

It’s a pity that she’ll miss her birthday in school. She has gotten used to going to childcare. She was happy at the start (didn’t know what childcare was about), then started crying (realized what childcare is about), and then graduated into a happy childcare-going kid. We’re still sending her birthday cake and presents to the childcare ¬†centre. I need to remember to take a picture of the cake.

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