Entertaining Vanessa With Food

110420092588One of the ways of keeping Vanessa entertained is to feed her. There are a few kinds of food that she never grows tired of. French fries is one of them. So here’s Vanessa with Daddy chilling out in a southern part of Singapore, while it is raining, and Mummy is (probably) fast asleep, and Daddy is having a Singapore Sling and updating this blog.

One of the ways to grow and maintain muscles for doing pull-ups must be to have a kid, and particularly so with one that is weighing quite a bit. I wonder if there’s any study or survey to show that kids have made any positive impact on those who’ve never passed their pull-up previously. Lately I’ve been carrying Vanessa around much more than usual, partly because our domestic maid had gone back on home leave. Vanessa’s something like 13kg now. I carry her a lot, because that is, arguably, the fastest way to move around. Letting her walk on her own would take ages to get from anywhere to anywhere else.

Speaking of our domestic maid, we’ve managed to get by for over a week now without her around. I’m pleasantly surprised that we’re getting by relatively fine. I imagined it could have been much worse. I managed to get Vanessa to sleep quite easily when I carry her around; I wonder if I’m boring her or what. The funny thing is that she’ll keep protesting when I carry her. When she’s not in the “mood”, she refuses to lean on my shoulder, even though she’s sleepy, and even though she’s already nodding off to sleep. Then her head will roll around, her eyes eventually close, and then, I can shift her into any position and she doesn’t care anymore.

We’re away from home this long weekend. Hopefully Vanessa will be sufficiently entertained by all the new sights and sounds. She spent quite a bit of time in the pool just now (she’s more tanned than me now!), eyeing someone’s blow-up dolphin.

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