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Is Google or Yahoo More Popular?

I’ve started running some web analytics on my web access logs recently. Among other things, it enabled me to discover (blogged here), how unusually, that many search visitors who end up on my site were searching for Nokia N82. Well, there are a bunch of other interesting things about I found too.

For example, I always thought that Google search was more popular than Yahoo. But in so far as search visitors that dropped by my site, almost twice the number came from Yahoo (819) compared to Google (410). Perhaps the results were skewed by the usualness of Nokia N82 being related to my site.

How about a bit of OS war? Okay, no surprise that Windows users formed the bulk of visitors (87.5%). But between Linux and Mac, which would it be? It’s the Mac! Mac users scored 6.6% versus Linux’s 1.5%. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t yet populated much Linux information here, although I already have some Mac OS X stuffs. For the record, Symbian registered 0.4%. Yes, people do access my site from their phones… (no, I could not have formed all the 0.4% of the hits from my phone).

How about the browser wars? MSIE scored 48.6% versus Firefox 40.7%. Mac OS X browsers such as Safari scored 3.9%and Camino scored 0.3%. Faithful users of the soon-to-be-discontinued Netscape formed 0.1% of the hits.

Many of my site visitors must be Singaporeans or people from this locality, because the peak periods of accesses are in the day (before and after lunch, and evenings). It’s mostly quiet after midnight.

By day of week, Thursday is the hottest day, Friday and Saturdays are quietest. Ok, I suppose most people are too busy planning and enjoying their weekend to be web surfing.

Ok, this is the last post for 2007. Happy New Year!

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