Tang Dian Wang’s Plate

250420092700Vanessa was somehow greatly offended by the pictures at the bottom of this plate she got at Tang Dian Wang. I couldn’t even recall what the picture was. By the time I realized what she was up to, she had covered it with the Lotus Leaf Rice. Yeah, not cheap plain white rice, but expensive flavourful Lotus Leaf Rice. She was very insistent that the whole bottom of the plate had to be covered, no part of the picture could be exposed.

She was really funny. She was scooping rice from Mummy’s bowl, and spreading it out on her plate. She refused to eat the rice from her plate. She wanted rice, but she protested when we scooped from her plate. So, we had to scoop from either our bowls to feed her. We thought it was odd at first, then eventually realized what she was up to. Her plate had to be completely covered with rice.

Eventually all our rice were finished. The only rice left was on her plate. What did I do? I “stole” the rice from her plate and put it in my bowl. Vanessa protested, but I quickly spread out her rice thiner, so that the hole I left behind was covered up. That would pacify her. Then I’ll pretend to scoop the “new” rice from my bowl and feed her.

The rice was nice. We cleaned up all the other dishes too. Except, of course, for Vanessa’s plate. Right to the end, until we left, her plate had to be covered.

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