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Premium Movies at EagleWings Cinematics

You’ve probably not heard of EagleWings Cinematics. They are a bespoke, boutique, cinema which opened in December 2018 at King Albert Park. They do screen regular movies like those in the usual cinema chains in Singapore. Their main “product” is the premium cinema-going experience.

Located at the redeveloped King Albert Park at the end of Bukit Timah Road, before Upper Bukit Timah Road, EagleWings Cinematics has four halls, two of which are “premium” style offering like those of Golden Village’s Gold Glass. The two regular halls accommodate 60 and 63 seats, while the two premium halls have 12 and 18 seats.

For many months as I pass by King Albert Park, I’ve wondered what EagleWings was all about. You see, the most prominent signs on the outside had been “EagleWings Loft” and “EagleWings Gelato and Gifts”. The “EagleWings” part suggested, to me, that it was about buffalo wings. What is a loft? Why does gelato go with gifts? I mean, is this a cafe? An ice-cream shop? A gift shop?

So I finally learnt, there are a number of things going on in there. The cinema is just one of it. Adding to the perplexity of this business, there is also an Eagle Eye Centre in the mall. That led me to learn that Eagle Eye Centre founder and medical director Dr Julian Theng, along with his lawyer sister Ms Lisa Theng, started the retail and lifestyle company EagleWings Group, under which EagleWings Cinematics and other businesses operate.

If you are familiar with Golden Village’s Gold Class or Shaw’s premiere, you will understand what the EagleWings Cinematics offer in their Gold and Platinum halls. Eagle Gold is the smaller hall with 12 seats and Eagle Platinum has 18 seats. Regular (weekday) ticket prices are $22 and $26 respectively. Friday evening to Sunday, and eve of public holidays and public holidays, the tickets are priced at $30 and $34 respectively.

These premium tickets get you access to the exclusive lounge before the screening. You can plan to have a meal there before your movie. Free flow hot and cold drinks are available.

The free flow supplies are only in the lounge, though you can bring them along with you to the screening hall if you wish. The food service during the movie doesn’t seem to include resupplies of free drinks.

The lounge is cozy and spacious, although it isn’t designed to accommodate many people. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem since these premium screening halls are small, so there won’t be many guests anyway.

I would recommend timing your movie so you can arrive earlier to have lunch or dinner at the lounge. The food is quite reasonably priced, and you do get a discount off the regular EagleWings Loft menu.

Food service is relatively quick, and food is quite good. You can also, of course, order ahead for food to be delivered into the screening hall during the movie. I recommend having “proper food”, you know like pasta, on a proper dining table. Leave the simple finger food to during the movie.

There are two massage chairs in the lounge. If you feel the need for some relaxing full-body massage before your movie, go for it.

When the time is right, the cinema staff will guide you into the screening hall.

You get a big, nice, comfortable seat with leg rest. You’re provided with a blanket. There’s a lamp and mini-table so you can place your food and be able to see what you’re eating. If you feel like you need more orders, just press a button and a staff will come attend to you.

This is basically what the premium movie experience is all about. As I mentinoed earlier, you already know what this is if you’ve tried Golden Village’s Gold Class. Good to try, if you haven’t.

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